12 March 2011

A Garden Enclosed

Remember the old song, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"? 
It is so wonderful to look full in His face.  Today as I hear Him wooing me to His presence, in our secret place.  He has said, "Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come along.  For behold the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.  The flowers have already appeared in the land;" Then he says, "The time has come for puring the vines,"
The lover has gone with her beloved, up on the mountian, in the cleft of the Rock, where He says to her, "Let me see your form."  It's a place of exposure.  A time of excitement and holy fear in the presence of an awesome God - her beloved.   But time for purning the vines?  There is work to be done in the springtime.  Here in the cleft of the Rock, where every part of a heart is exposed, he says her voice is sweet to his ears and her form lovely to behold.  He longs for contact with his bride, alone, in a secret place.  We she speak to her beloved and allow Him to see her? There is newness of life all around them.  And yet, he doesn't dare forget that there is a pruning that must take place in order for the choice fruit to be produced here.
Each time I think the Lord has pruned everything from me that can be pruned, He seems to find some other stray twig that must be clipped off.  I'm not sorry, it just makes the branch look a bit bare.  That's when I have to go back to the story.  Over and over, he reassures me that he sees what I do not, and perhaps what others cannot.   She is a garden enclosed, that will soon blossom and breathe out frangrance, spices wafted abroad, where her lover can come and bring his friends, to eat of the choice fruit and enjoy his garden.  Without the painful pruning and the time of barreness, there cannot be any choice fruit and we cannot become a beautful garden.
Today I am acutely aware of all that happens when I look full in His wonderful face.  It's true, the things of this world do become strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.  While we must live in the here and now and endure the pruning, we must not lose sight of the new life surrounding us or sweet frangrant garden He sees in us.

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