10 March 2011

A Place Prepared

March is now in full swing.  Here in the US, that means that spring will be here soon.  I love the changing of the seasons, both in the natural and in the spirit.  I am finding much delight in the current season change because for me personally it is both natural and spiritual.  In just a couple of weeks I will officially relocate to South Africa.  Certainly a new season in life! 
The Lord used the story of Isaac and Rebekah to speak to me concerning this new phase of life.  The story is an alagory.  Abraham is God, the servant is the Holy Spirit and Isaac is Jesus.  I identified with Rebekah, the Bride.
You have to get a picture of this from Rebekah's perspective.  She is a young lady.  Her father and her brother are well aware that she has 'come of age'.  They are not surprised when the servant arrives and asks for her to be given to his master's son.  They don't mind giving her away, but it would be okay if the guy hangs around a few days, and they get to know him before he takes off with their little girl. Besides, she needs an opportunity to say her good byes.
But the servant is insistent.  They need to get on with the trip.  She's the one. The Bridegroom awaits her arrival. He has prepared a place for her.  No need to hold him in suspense. So they ask Rebekah.  She is ready.  She has been prepared for this day.  She knows everything she can know about taking care of a home and a husband.  She has had practical experience in caring for her father's house and the men of her own family.  But now it's time, she will go and keep her own home and care for her own husband.   Somethings will look like they did in papa's house, other things will be very different.  But it will all be good because she has been prepared in her father's house to go to the place prepared for her.
As I continued to meditate on this story and how I imagined Rebekah must have felt, I thought of how good and right it was for her in her father's house.  It was the place where she was suppose to be - until the Bridegroom had prepared a place for her.  I began to realize that she could never be the Bride in her father's house.  She would never be able to make that house her home.  It was important for her to go to the place that the Bridegroom had prepared for her, to be married, to conceive and give birth, to be and do all that the Bride is and does.
I imagined how she must have felt, going to a new land, far from home.  She had no idea what this man would be like, what he would look like or how he would treat her.  She had no idea what type of tent she would live in or what kind of camel she would ride. But she knew she would love him - she had made a choice.

Today some would say that she moved too quickly, that she was starry-eyed and couldn't be making good decisions because of her excitement.  But Rebekah knew it was the Lord and the people who loved her, trusted her.  When they wanted to slow down the process, in order to hold her a little longer, they blessed her and allowed her go.
Often times those who love us would hold us back and slow down the process because they think we are starry-eyed and can't make a quality decision in our zeal.  It makes me smile to think about my parents who only knew each other a couple months before they married, 48 years ago.
I know I'm  bit starry-eyed and full of excitement, but I have one advantage over Rebekah, I know the Lover of my soul.  I know He is a gentleman and He cares for me.  I love Him, because He first loved me.  He has prepared a place for me.  I've spent many years in preparation.  I've learned the things I could learn.   Now, like a new bride, I will put into action those things I know to do and I will discover many new things in the days ahead.

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