29 June 2011

Imprints on My Heart

There were four babies.  Each one looked so real, like a new born baby.  There were three little ones and one larger one.  They had been given to me, to give to some little girls who had no babydolls.

As the weeks went by, I had little contact with children, and I was holding those babies for just the right little girls.  Now the time had come to pack my bags and those babies lay on my bed, pleading for a mamma to love them.  I already knew who would receive them, I just didn't know how or when.  I was chatting with Thuli and Katleho, when the other girls joined in the warmth of the conversation, and the heater we were enjoying.  I asked them all to stay put in Thuli's room and went across the hall. 

Stacking the three little babies in my right hand and the larger baby in my left, I returned to Thuli's room.  The squeals of delight and ooh's and awe's were fun with each girl receiving her baby.  With the larger baby behind my back and Thuli seeing my empty right hand, her distressed cry of, "Where's MY baby?" brought a mixure of tears and laughter as I handed her the last baby.

No one could know the value of those baby's before that day.  I watched in wonder at these young adult women, loving baby dolls as if they were real babies.  They stroked and kissed and held them close with a tenderness that melted my heart - again and again.  I had come to love these girls like my own.  Wanting to see them succeed in every area of life and longing to give them Jesus in a way that would make a difference in their lives, forever.  The longer I watched, the more I knew, that their imprint on my heart would certainly last forever. 

Thuli, the oldest with a bold, tough exterior - a wounded little girl, longing for unconditional love, had made Jesus her Lord only weeks before.  Oh, that she will come to know the Lover of her soul and His delight to give her every desire of her heart.
Itebeng, quiet, easily misunderstood, having friends around her and yet, needing a friend.  She too, in a fresh relationship with the Lord will come to know that He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother.
Zaneli, with giggles that are contagious!  The girl with a keen sense of direction and no fear of oncoming traffic!  Zaneli met Jesus recently as well.  He will direct her path and she will not shrink back from anything He has for her.
And Katleho, my tender-hearted friend to all.  Katleho makes great effort to see that everyone feels loved and accepted.  She meets any need and never asks for anything in return.  Her smile is infectious, her hugs are fabulous and her love for the Lord is solid.  He will keep her in perfect peace as she keeps her mind stayed on Him.
Truly, He is the source of life and He has given new life to these four young women and to this one, not so young woman.

I returned to the states with a renewed appreciation for the people in my life.  There are many revelations to be taught and insights to be shared, but, nothing compares to life in Christ shared with friends, both old and new.

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