31 March 2012

The Bird's are Singing!

Spring has sprung in Mid Missouri.  The days are warm and sunny.  The birds are singing and the air is clear and fresh.  New life is every where, or so it seems.  It's the time of year that I can lose hours sitting on my front porch swing watching the people go by and listening to the tinkle of my little wind chime.  A train whistles in the distance and an old yellow truck passes, drowning out the song of the birds.  A child's laughter.  A dog's bark.  The gentle sway of the swing in the early evening shade.  Ahhh, this, is springtime.
All around me there is activity and I am well able to relax and enjoy it as if it is all for my pleasure.  However, in the spirit realm there is another type of activity going on.  There's a chime that awakens with the wind of the spirit.  A train on destiny's track sounds out.  The voice of child like faith mingles with the song of the redeemed. And for a moment, the sound of a struggling heart drowns out the sweet symphony.  But, the breath of the Almighty stirs deep, like the sound of a bamboo chime in the wind.   Piercing that that overwhelms while bringing a quiet peace within, not at all unlike the evenings' light.  Yes, this is spring.
Newness of life breaks free from the confines of darkness - exploding into the light of His grace.  A face lifted to the sun's shine, feeling the breeze in the air, a tiny new plant emerges with leaves opening like arms flung wide.  A kernel having fallen to the ground in autumn, bereft of its body as it died in the cold dark earth.  Now alive again, clothed in a new body, bursting forth into bright rays of warm sunshine. A butterfly emerges from the prison of its cocoon.  No longer recognized as it once was, now free and beautiful - even enviable.

1Co 15:36 - 44 ... What you sow is not made alive unless it dies.  And what you sow, you do not sow the body that is going to be, but a bare grain (perhaps of wheat or of some of the rest).   And God gives it a body as it has pleased Him, and to each of the seeds its own body... So also the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power; it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. 

This natural world is an artistic rendering of the spirit.  The seasons of nature fascinate the curious as do the seasons of the heart.  Spring serves as a time of reflection. Like face in water, memories are delicate and easily disturbed.  A brief glance of life over many years reveals many transformations and metamorphoses.  As revelation is from glory to glory, the old giving way to the new and better, so are the seasons of life.
The first awakening of my own soul came on a spring day many years ago when I stepped out onto my front porch and realized that the grass was green, the sky was blue and the birds were singing.  I could feel the breeze and was amazed at the brightness of the sun.  Suddenly I realized, my world had been dark and grey for so long, I had forgotten light and color could be a part.  The years have passed and more awakenings have stirred my soul.  This year, I hear the giggles of grandchildren and a daughters' wedding bells in the air.  My soul is awakened yet again.  This is not a butterfly year.  Neither does it resemble a tender new plant reaching for the sun.  No, this is the year of a mature tree, pruned and prepared to bear again, an abundance of sweet fruit.

Are you enjoying your spring?

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