14 March 2012

We Have the Best Dad

Giggles, laughter, snickers and general goofiness paved the way for serious discussion of the scriptures and glorious ministry within the Body of Christ.  Fun songs like "Holy Ghost Party" and "We Have the Best Dad in the Whole World" opened the door for gifts and talents to be expressed.  In a natural flow of love, I watched in humility as a group of young Christians each preferred his brother over himself, time and again.  Like the ingredients in a cake, this unlikely combination of personalities were blended together, creating a tasty batter. Now, being poured into the pan of life, they will endure the fire and come out fully formed into the image of Christ.

The Best Dad in the Whole World brought together a quiet athlete, a bold worshiper, a no-nonsense prophet and a friendly evangelist to meet their counterparts, a bold evangelist, a quiet worshiper, a talented intercessor and a giggling prophetess. Like one unit, they are a powerful part of the Body of Christ. These lovers of God are vessels prepared for the Master's use.  Truly they understand the value of preferring their brother in love.  They exhibit respect and honor for differing view points, understanding that there is something to learn from another perspective - every joint giving it's supply.

The Best Dad in the Whole World has prepared much opportunity for this group of young ministers.  Opportunity to be the hands and feet and voice of love.  Opportunity to feed the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to release the captives, heal the sick and lame, to raise the dead.  Opportunity to offer sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, a song to the mute and strength to the weary.  Like all of us who call ourselves followers of Christ Jesus, it is time to step into destiny.

For the sons and daughters of The Best Dad in the Whole World, destiny is not the illusion of days to come. Destiny is today. We are each walking in our destiny, the question is, "Are we doing what we have been commissioned to do in that destiny"?   (1Peter 4:10)  "Each one, as a good manager of God's different gifts, must use the special gift he has received from God for the good of others."  These gifts makes way for the Best Dad in the Whole World to adopt more sons and daughters.  That is why He told us in Mark Chapter 16 to, "Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people."

Many have, for years, been looking for their destiny.  All of us long for purpose in this life.  So often that purpose eludes us as we find ourselves either grieving the past or dreaming of a utopia-type future.  The truth however, is that our destiny is here, now.  The Best Dad in the Whole World, gave us gifts to embrace and steward today in order to benefit others.  Jesus said we would be His witnesses in Jerusalem , Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. No place that we set our foot is exempt from the need of our witness.

Samaria was not all that far geographically from Jerusalem, but it was a different people group.  A people rejected and despised by most.  Perhaps it is time to ask The Best Dad in the Whole World, "Where is my Samaria?"  Do we recognize the despised and rejected that we come in contact with as we travel along life's road?  Perhaps it is the neighbor that violently abuses his wife and children.  Could it be the angry little boy that bites and hits the other children in the day care?  Maybe it is the loud mouth, teenager, dressed like a prostitute that you saw in Wal-Mart last night, or the silent mom that walks beside her?  It could even be the person sitting on the other side of the sanctuary Sunday morning that thinks more highly of themselves than they ought, or maybe they think less of themselves than they ought.

It's time that we, who call ourselves Christians, come together, bringing our gifts and stewarding them in a way that witnesses Jesus.  It is time to pour ourselves into the mixing bowl, giving honour and preference to our brother, allowing the power of Holy Ghost to stir us into unity.  It is time to allow The Best Dad in the Whole World to choose the pan and set us in the fire, so as to come out loving one another, recognizable as Jesus disciples.

There is a Samaritan longing for love and acceptance.  It is our calling, our destiny, to demonstrate love as the Body of Christ.  We can come together in giggles and laughter, we can move into serious discussion and we can prefer our brother for the good of the whole.  This is our destiny: to be one in Him, just as Jesus and the Father are one, that we may be one so that the world will believe... (John 17:21)

We Have The Best Dad In The Whole World!!

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