21 May 2012

Preschool Insights

Today was my turn for nursery duty at church.  The two little boys that I had charge of for two hours were a couple of bundles of high energy.  We spent most of our time outside, getting in mini Bible lessons with every conversation.  These two four year olds, were a shear delight.  I watched as they played "Police Force".  One would capture the invisible bad guy and appeared to use all his strength, with both hands gripped, as if holding the captured by his hands cuffed behind his back.  The other, very casually chose rocks as his bad guys.  Rocks large enough to hold in one hand, but certainly not large enough to require excessive strength.  Each would throw their criminals into the jail and go off to locate another enemy of justice.

As I watched these little boys play, I was reminded of Joshua and Caleb upon return from spying out the promised land.  Unlike the ten who saw the enemy as a formidable foe, our heroes recognized the presence of an enemy, but rested on the knowledge of the Word of the Lord.  "We are well able (to take 'em)!"  was not just a statement of faith, it was securely understood.  God had said He would give the land into their hand.  What was an enemy before the Lord Who fights for us?  So it seemed with my boys today, one using all his physical strength to subdue an imaginary enemy and one relying on an obvious strength that required little of him, save the willingness to work with that invisible strength.

In our daily lives we often encounter enemies, those enemies being only as big as we imagine them to be.  If we see the "bad guys" as giants that require all our strength to overcome, we will quickly become exhausted in the fight, if we choose to fight at all.  But, if we hear the Word of the Lord for our situation, we will rest in the surety that this is a power no foe can withstand.

May you rest in the sound of His voice.

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