09 November 2012


In our everyday lives, there are people to please.  People to whom we are responsible to with our time, our efforts and our talents.  There are people that we enjoy and in whom we confide.  There are people that counsel us, encourage us and comfort us.  There are people that teach us and train us and cheer for us.  It is not unusual to think about and speak often of those people who interact so intimately in our lives.  It is not unusual to want to please them, simply because they have given so much.

In recent conversations, whose name have you spoken most frequently?  In your day to day life, whom do you seek to please more than any other?  Of whom do you think most often?

Acceptance is huge in our lives.  Some people work all of their lives to obtain acceptance of another.  Sometimes it is the newest authority in our lives, whose recognition is important to us.  Other times, honor among friends and associates is the longing of our heart.

Whose acceptance means more to you than any other?  Whose recognition is of utmost importance to you?  Whose respect and honor do you desire?

We were made for relationship.  God knew Adam needed Eve.  Abraham sought a wife for Isaac.  The Lover understood the value of the Beloved, in Song of Solomon.  We were made for relationship.  Two are better than one...

Who is it that stays on the forefront of your mind?  When a love song comes on the radio, of whom to your thoughts turn?  Who occupies your daydreams and thoughts of the future?  Who do you long to have in your life?  Who has your attention, your affection, your desire?  Whose glance makes your heart flutter?

Who has you?

He who has the Bride; is the Bridegroom. John 3:29

In school, it is not uncommon for the student to learn the information 'for the test'.  In other words, they learn the correct answer, but fail to gain the information necessary for success.  How often, in this Christian life, because we 'know the right answer', do we fail to seek for the information that will lead to our success?  How often are we quick to give the answer expected without first saying, 'Lord, search me..."?

Men look on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.  We can 'say' all the right things, to all the right people, but all the while, God knows our heart.  

As the beginning of this post was read, the name and face of the one, or ones, who hold your heart, came to mind.  The one whose opinion, acceptance, and honor mean the most to you.  Just as young lovers can see nothing and no one beside the one to whom they have given themselves, so it is in our daily lives.  

Who is it that has you?  Who is your Bridegroom?

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