21 December 2012

It's Christmas Time

It Christmas time!

It's the season that brings out love and compassion in people.

I have had the honor this Christmas season of working with the AmVets in my community.  They hosted a Community Christmas Party for the children, complete with Jesus being the reason for the season.  It was a fun afternoon with much singing and dancing.  St. Nick was there and so was the Grinch.  There were toys and games and goodies for all.  A chance to be a blessing.  An opportunity to let someone know that they are of value.  Amid all the festivities, I was amazed to connect with so many hearts that simply wanted children to know the real meaning of Christmas - to be the one that would help them encounter Him.  People come in all shapes and sizes, with attitudes and opinions and ideas that differ one from another.  But deep in each heart is a desire to love and to be loved, in that order.

It's true, we were made on purpose, with a purpose.  God knew each one of us before He formed us in the womb.  That means every person was created in love, by love, for love, because God is love. In short, we were made to "be love".  Christmas brings out that intrinsic value like no other time of the year.  Why?  Perhaps it is the remembrance that Jesus became like one of us, so we could become like Him.  He Who was of greatest value came and gave us back our value that had been lost in the garden of Eden. I saw something in a group of people that do not live their lives in Christ.  I saw in the hearts of men and women a need to pass on a love that they once knew, and a desire, to know Him again.

It's Christmas time.  Will you be the light you have been ordained to be?  Will you, "Go, preach the Kingdom of God is at hand, cleanse the lepers, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons"? If you are a little intimidated by Jesus' commission, perhaps you will take a moment to simply love your neighbor, over the fence, in the store, and on the street.  Whatever you do as 2012 comes to an end, do it all as unto the Lord.  For as you do unto the least of them, you have done it unto Him.

Merry Christmas, from His Heart to yours.

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