15 January 2013

Destination: Love

A picture, a simple statement or just a thought, can trigger a longing in the heart that is so deep and so strong - it seems no one else could possibly understand.  Have you ever taken in information about what God is doing somewhere beyond your own borders, and longed so much to be a part that the tears that filled your eyes came from under the rocks in the deepest part of your being?

It's always encouraging to know when you are in the perfect will of God for your life.  In a moment of seeing the expanse of what you were created to be, the knowledge that you are where you are suppose to be becomes the anchor that keeps you.  "...and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."  When you are in Jerusalem, Samaria seems like the uttermost parts.  When you are in Judea, the uttermost calls like a love song in the air.  The longing to run with your Bridegroom to the place that He has prepared is nearly overwhelming at times.  And yet, most of the time, it's easy to enjoy the journey with all of it's stops along the way.  The presence of your Bridegroom with you makes the trip worthwhile.  After all, you are getting to know one another in a most special way, that only time and adventure can reveal.

The adventure is all a part of the plan.  There are highs and lows - and higher highs and lower lows. It is on the highest heights that He makes your feet like hinds feet. Once, in a vision, I was enjoying the deep things of God.  Together, we were dancing on the ocean floor, when all of the sudden we began to shoot toward the surface of the deep.   In the process, I realized we were standing on some sort of a platform.  As we reached the surface, the dance continued on the waters, the ascent continued and the platform began to lose it's width and length.  The dance went on even as we reached a height that left a sliver of our platform - the cleft of the Rock.  From that place all things were visible, but nothing beside Him could hold my attention.

Many times the Lord has taken me on adventures in the spirit, to see what is beyond my borders and the expanse of that for which I have been created.  Amazing adventures, yet, none that could compare to His countenance.  All along this journey, my constant cry is to see His eyes. It is in His eyes that love is fully revealed.  To be seen by Him, in Him, is to see through Him, in others.  To look into His eyes of love and to be seen by those eyes is the enabling to see Him in others and for them to see Him in me.   The journey is all about love.  Loving Him and loving others.  The destination is love.  

So, what of those things that trigger an ache in our hearts?  Divine anguish?  A wooing of the Spirit?  A bid to come walk on the waters? Somewhere along the road we cease to need the confirming voice that bids us come.  We know Him.  We know His desire is for us even more than ours is for Him.  We hear the love song, sometimes off in the distance, sometimes tangibly near. But we hear. And we hunger for the more of Him that is found in more of "them".  Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth is not so much a destination, as it is a people.  A people created by love, in love, for love, to be love.  A people that need the healing power of love so that they can become the love they were created to be.

Like a mother expecting her first child, tiny clothes, rocking chairs and every movement creates a deeper awareness of the coming birth.  No fear of the pain of delivery or the anguishes of adolescence can quiet the thrill in her heart. These things create a reservoir to be filled with all that is needed to bring a new child into the world and train him in the way he should go. There is a growing that happens best in this temporary place. To think that this stop is not necessary is foolish. So it is with the ache in our hearts, a place is being prepared and filled with all that is necessary to be a witness of Jesus and the righteousness He offers.  Just as a mother looks deep into the eyes of her child, we will look into the eyes of the uttermost with the love that will change nations.

So, it's okay if no one else understands the longing in your heart.  Take a deep breath.  Look into His eyes and let Him take you to the highest heights and deepest depths on this adventure.  Every stop along the way works to create and provide the fill for the reservoir for the uttermost.

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