17 March 2013

Instant in Season and Not!

There is a time and a season, an epoch, to every purpose under heaven.

An epoch is a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development.  

Makes me giggle just thinking about the implication of that.

From the early days of scripture we see epoch seasons in people's lives. They are fun to view from this side of the development.  What would it have been like to walk in their sandals?  How would you respond to the events that marked their new development?  How would I?

Moses talked to a bush in the desert.  Okay, not really, he was talking to the Lord of host, about the very thing he had known most all of his life - that he was created to deliver Israel.  His response after running hard after the will of God 40 years earlier? Experience and time told him, God's had the wrong guy. He had no expertise for what God was asking of him.  He was so totally NOT qualified. He had never taken a speech and debate class. It had been 40 years since he stood before royalty. And his reputation had bit the dust since then. Speak to the king? He could not. He couldn't possibly even know how to go about it.  But God, in His infinite mercy, would lead him, giving him the words to speak and the works to do. What seemed to have been the right time was the wrong time and what seemed to be the wrong time, was the right time ~ to bring deliverance to a people for whom God longed.

Mary was minding her own business, getting ready for her wedding.  The angel of the Lord payed her a visit. She was going to have a baby? How could THIS be? She wasn't married and she wasn't playing house! What would Joseph do? What would people say? How would she respond? But God, in His grace, would make the way.  What seemed like the wrong time, was the right time ~ to bring salvation into the world.

A wedding feast, the people had drunk freely. That's a nice way of saying, the people were intoxicated, influenced by the  wine. They were drunk! Mary said to her Son, "They are out of wine".  Jesus, Who only did what He saw the Father do, told her it was NOT yet His time (to do miracles). She did not respond to Him. Instead she looked at the help and said, "Whatever He says to you, do it." What was the wrong time, was the right time ~ to protect the bridegroom from the shame of not having enough wine.  (That'll preach!)

Excuses, we all got 'em.

Perhaps it is time to stop reasoning and start acting.  What is it that God has spoken into you that will mark a new period? What is the epoch you are responsible to initiate?

Will you answer like Moses, from a place of failure, in fear of more of the same? Might you answer like Mary, in total trust and confidence? Could your response be that of Jesus, in that you simply, do it anyway?

Epoch: a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development.

You have a vision from the Lord. He put it in your heart long ago. You have packed it away, in a chest, in the attic, never to be taken out and played with again. The memories of early attempts to accomplish the task are too painful to recall.  

Let this moment serve as a burning bush.  

God sees you on the backside of the wilderness. He knows you have not been being trained for the task ahead of you. He likes it like that ~ you, being fully reliant upon Him rather than your experience or training. You didn't do it so well last time. That's good. You won't try to do it your way this time. No, you don't need an Aaron to speak for you. He is in you. He is all you need. Time to leave the sheep and lead like a shepherd.

You have had a visitation from the Lord. He has shared His plan for you, with you. You recognize that you are highly favored. You don't understand how it will come to be. You can't wrap your mind around the consequences. You have butterflies in your stomach and you are awed at the opportunity to be His vessel. 

Blessed is she who believes there will be a fulfillment of the things spoken to her from the Lord.

You are aware of your destiny. Perhaps you've practiced in private, a few close to you know what your future holds, but now, the need has been made known to you publicly. You have been waiting for the Father to tell you it's time, but He has not. All eyes are on you. 

The influence of the Wine and the honor of the Bridegroom is resting on you. 

We have excuses. We have doctrines. We have belief systems. We have fears. We haven't been trained in that area. Someone told us we weren't good enough to do that. Someone else is more qualified. On and on we go about our lives, while people are living in bondage, separated from the Father, with no influence of Holy Spirit in their lives. We concern ourselves with personal honor and self preservation, while they accuse the Bridegroom of not caring  for them.

Today is the day of salvation.     What are you waiting for?

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