19 July 2013


Like a child on a playground swing, there is great delight found in each moment of motion as the momentum increases. 

I had a childhood friend who would often swing so high that she would loop the cross beam. Asphalt below and blue sky above, I loved her adventures, but kept my own swing only parallel with the ground.

Perhaps it was the bloodied forehead that resulted when running from one end of the teeter totter to the other, or maybe the crash on my head, from hanging by my knees on the monkey bars that instilled a fear of pain in me. Whatever it was, as much as I loved to swing, my grip was tight and my sense of adventure limited. That is, until one day when I decided to jump!

Even today there remains a feeling of freedom on a swing. With warm sunshine on my face, I close my eyes, lean way back and swing high. 

Yes, grammy's still swing. And grammy's still jump!

The wind blows and the momentum builds. 

A dare to daydream ensues.

The average person doesn't stay on the swing of life. Somewhere the sense of adventure becomes so great that one must let go and jump! If the jump is at the opportune moment, a safe landing results. If the jump is off a bit, a fall may occur. A skinned knee rarely prevents the jump to the next adventure, but a broken arm might.

Or worse, a wounded heart.

Severe pain, and the memory of it, has a way of restraining us from the future pleasures and thrills intended in the next adventure. With any deep wound we guard and protect. Our hearts are no different. In fact, we tend guard them more closely, for out of our heart flows the issues of life. 

Like a nurse, Holy Spirit is our comforter. His care of a wounded heart comes in different ways. 

Sometimes He binds up and heals the broken heart; Sometimes He must wound in order to heal.

A clean break can typically be rinsed well and bound up. Healing takes place rather quickly. But a jagged wound, with rips and tears, full of assaults and poisonous accusations must be vigorously scrubbed in order to remove the bitterness that seeks to take root. The initial cleansing is time consuming and painful, often requiring a local anesthesia. 

This ragged wound with it's poorly defined borders, must then endure multiple washings with the water of the word, and dressing changes. This care causes pain, repeatedly, as the old dressing is removed, taking with it the lies of the enemy and strife infected drainage. In the initial stages, multiple times a day. Later, once a day, and eventually, healing is complete - from the inside out. 

The healing process takes place and discomfort decreases as the wounded heart is yielded to the care of Holy Spirit.

Over time it's not uncommon to forget that a wound is still healing. In fact, it is not uncommon for the wounded one to forget his pain, for a season. The guarding that has become so natural, now gains voice. Healing, while not yet complete, is obvious. The heart lightens, though guarded, begins to desire the swing again. Then, it's time for another dressing change. 

As a nurse, the time of wound care is seen as a necessity. 
As a mom, it's a time of shared pain. 

Whether for my own child or a child of the Father, there is an unexplainable ache in my heart to see the pain involved in healing. Standing by to assist Holy Spirit as He tenderly cares for His precious one often seems like so little to offer. There is an intense desire to see this one healthy and whole, swinging high, preparing for the jump to the next adventure.

Later this little one may avoid the swing set altogether and grow to adulthood convinced that the swing was the source of pain, vowing to never again feel the momentum or to anticipate the thrill of the jump. 

The dream shattered with the broken heart.

And still, there are those, once wounded deeply, who surrender to the healing. They look love square in the eyes and trust through the pain. The day comes when all the bandages are gone and their heart is soft and pliable. There's a moment of surprise when where there was pain, there is exhilaration. 

Testimony begins to emerge. 

They encourage others in the process. It's as if the swing calls to them. Once again the freedom of childlike faith enables eyes to close in trust, to lean way back in the Fathers' arms, to sense the building momentum as they soar to new heights in the shining Son. They have experienced the loving care of Holy Spirit that has brought healing through the pain. They too, as if with the swing, call to others to join them in the next

New adventure 

New dream


They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies and they loved not their lives to the end.

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