13 September 2013

The New Holy Place

Ever wonder why eulogies are given at funerals? After all, a eulogy is saying nice things about someone. Why not say it while they are alive and can enjoy the edification? Unless they are being raised from the dead, it's all just nice words.

Nonetheless, I want to leave a legacy. I want people to remember me fondly when I step over into glory for the last time. Morbid? No, actually I was just thinking about the disciples and people saying of them, "These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also!"  

Ahhh yes, I do believe that is what I'd like for them to say of me. "Oh that Kim, she was one of those world changers, came here, and turned the world right side up!"

I spent my day working on a mission statement and "writing the vision down". That culminated this evening as I completed the new "Meet Kimberly" page here on the blogsite. In all of that, I could sum it up in that one sentence, 

"These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also."

I have a group of radical friends. They like to turn the world upside down. In fact, a bunch of them are going to a Power and Love conference http://powerandlove.org/schools/2013-kansas-city-school-of-power-love/ next month, just to get a nitro-boost to add to the good works they are already doing.  Another group is headed to an Empower Conference http://globalawakening.com/events/full-event-list/empowered-springfield-2013 for the same purpose. It's a joy to be a part of something bigger than yourself and to know that that something is changing the culture in which we live!

The days of church being, "Us four and no more" is over. The church is coming outside her courts and finding a new Holy Place in the lives of the needy, in America. The Bride is hearing the words of the Bridegroom and she is doing whatever He says to her. From healing in the grocery store to deliverance in bars, the real believers are casting out devils; speaking with new tongues; dealing with serpents; and drinking deadly things without being harmed; they are laying hands on the sick, and they are recovering, all in the Name of Jesus. Turning the world right side up!

Repentance means to return to the high place, it indicates a return to God's way of thinking. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. But, His thoughts and ways are not past finding out. In fact, His thoughts and His ways are revealed to those that love Him. And He has given us the mind of Christ. So, as the church reveals the Love of God to a lost and lonely world, they encounter Holy Spirit, Who reveals Jesus and the Father to them. In that, it is His goodness that draws them to repentance.

His goodness draws them to repentance. That alone will turn religion upside down! For centuries the condemnation that flowed from pulpits kept more people out than it brought in. What joy is this? That we co-labor with Jesus, to reveal the love and goodness awaiting the poor, wretched, blind and pitiable. (I always wanted to add 'stupid' to that list)

Take a walk through the book of Acts this week. See if you don't want to join this ever growing band of radical, laid down lovers and turn the world upside down~right side up! How about beginning a new trend of giving eulogies to those dead in sin? They are the ones in need of hearing a word of encouragement from their destiny that will bring forth their true identity. 

Speaking what God sees ~ that'll turn the world upside down! 

Every child is created on purpose, with purpose. Every person longs for significance. Every person has a God designed destiny, prepared to give them a future and a hope. When we see what God sees and speak what He speaks into the lives of His hidden treasures, we extract the precious from the worthless and turn a world right side up!

Oh come on, you can be all pious if you want, but deep down inside, you know you want to be remembered for great things! Holding babies and healing the sick. Coffee with friends and raising the dead. Visits with grandparents and casting out demons. Cleansing lepers and touching lives. Hearing them say, 

"This one that has turned the world upside down has been HERE, too!"

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