30 October 2013

Autumn Dreams

The morning air is crisp now. The trees are beginning to change their colors. Time, it has a way of continuing, of changing the scene that always seemed the same, that is, until the morning light brings with it a shiver and the covers are pulled up tight. 

Autumn has arrived, in all of her beauty.

Heat in the morning. A/C in the afternoon.  Yes, it's autumn in Missouri. The view of these mountains, with all of their trees, is coming into beautiful splendor. T-shirts are traded for sweatshirts and flip flops for boots. 

The turning of time, it's an amazing thing.

A wonderful day out and about in the cool autumn air and bright sunshine brings a special refreshment. The summer days of seeking shade have been swapped for seeking the sun! With the sunset, the furnace kicks on and brings back a memory.

When I was a young mom we lived in a little bungalow style house with a Morning Glory stove in the center room. I sat there often having quiet time with the Lord. It was in those days that I had the privilege of teaching my first child to read. I was a homeschooling mom with a dream.

Nearly twenty years of homeschooling three children, and the dream never died. It morphed over the years. But it never subsided. 


I never seemed to be short on hope. I always knew there was purpose in everything, or at least that God would use everything for my good, even those things Satan meant for evil.

I remember sitting in front of that stove on chilly mornings, talking to the Lord about my dream. What looked so impossible on the outside, I was sure was possible, some how, on the inside. 

Many years have come and gone, and the dream lives on. 

Psalm 21:2 says, "You have given him his heart's desire, and have not withheld the prayer of his lips." Selah. 

Anyone who knows me, knows how my heart longs for the foreign mission fields of Africa. The Lord has granted my desire and given the prayer of my lips.

I have accepted a position in Dondo, Central Mozambique, Africa, with Iris Ministries. My primary role will be that of teacher, homeschooling missionary kids. My love for homeschooling, the varied nursing jobs and life in general have paved the way. And because my position as teacher requires only half days, I will be doing other mission work as well.

Iris Ministries was founded in 1980 by Rolland and Heidi Baker. The Lord took the Bakers to Mozambique in 1995 where they have concentrated their ministry ever since. Iris has 38 bases on seven continents, 19 of which are in Africa, with 10 of those in Mozambique. Pemba Central: Village of Joy, is the main base.

The base in Dondo, is a center for training Bible teachers, worship leaders, children's ministry leaders, women's ministry leaders, and pastors for the Iris churches in Central Mozambique. They also serve the community in the areas of health care, preschools, and caring for widows. 

You can find more information about the base at www.irisglobal.org/dondo 

It's been fun to watch the Lord bring this opportunity about. If you're curious and would like to follow this journey with me into Mozambique, check out the new page of this blog simply titled, "Mozambique".

It's been a lot of years since the Lord first planted that little seed in my heart, and those first prayers were prayed by the Morning Glory. But in a few short weeks, I will step into the dream that He planted and that He has grown in me.

In His Grace,

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