31 October 2013

The Turbin Look!

It seems the days are moving faster than I am! 

I spent three hours this morning running from one end of Branson to the other, trying to find a FED EX office to send my VISA application. In the end, I am told I need to go to Hollister and my pictures won't work. One place told me I could go online and do it. After another hour of setting up an account, etc, etc, the bottom line is, Maybe YOU can, but I can't!!

The first person to try to transfer sky miles discovered it costs a crazy amount to do that. When we figured it up, it would cost more to transfer the miles I need, than it would to pay for the whole flight! But, on a bright note, I found a cheaper flight, actually two cheaper flights! If I can book before the price changes, I can get all the way to Mozambique for $1184. That's a good price and without an overnight layover! I would be spending 10 hours in Germany. That would be a new adventure!

Alas, tomorrow is another day!

All in all, things are coming together. I thought I would need to spend a couple hundred dollars to have adequate drinking water. Not so. With a basic water filter to filter the big stuff and a filter water bottle to filter the smaller stuff, I can boil water and have safe drinking water. I'm not opposed "bless it and drink it", but I have to admit, my stomach churns at the thought of floaties in my cup. And I will have a kettle for boiling water anyway. 

I received an email this morning telling me a little more about what to expect. :-D  My little house has concrete walls and tile floors - no huts. It's 1 and 1/2 rooms with a bathroom and a community kitchen to share with other missionaries. 

Bucket shower! That means you fill a bucket with water that comes out of the pipes (don't know where the pipes are just yet) maybe two hours a day - sometimes not, then you use a ladle to give yourself a "shower". If you want a warm "shower" you just heat some water and put it in the bucket, mix with the cold water and voila', you have a nice, warm "shower"!

As for curling irons and blow dryers ~ the "turbin look is the stylish way to go, if you want to be "African". With tropical humidity, you never know ~ I might just be stylin'!

My friend tells me they have discovered some tasty recipes for beans and writes, "Besides beans, we have rice, chicken, carrots, green beans (sometimes), cabbage, squash in season, squash leaves in season, covi in season (kind of like spinach), tomatoes, oinions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, beef for a price, goat (need to buy a live one and butcher it), fruit in season (mangos, bananas, pineapple, avocado, oragnes, apples), cheese for a pretty price, hot dogs, some imported frozen vegetables for a price, and fish."

She also shares that electricity is available in the area, but most people are too poor to have it. Just a half an hour away there is no electricity even available and you are in the bush. There are dirt paths and dirt roads, even a paved highway to take you to a busy city 45 minutes away!

The education level is low. The schools teach by repetition since there are not enough books. This is primarily an oral culture.
There is no "free" medicine available due to the government selling large portions of donated medications to private parties and the workers selling it on the black market.

When the war ended, money from the outside was offered to religious groups. Because of this many people said they were 'pastors' just to have a title and position with no true understanding of salvation. Today there are still many 'pastors' who are not born again.

While it has been an eventful day with little obvious fruit, the journey is a delightful one. Thank you for joining me. Until next time, purpose to take some time aside to spend with the One Who loves you most. He is waiting.

In His presence there is fullness of joy!

In His Grace,

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