30 December 2013

A Sunday in a Bush Village

This morning I accompanied Lorena to a nearby bush~village church where she preached an excellent message about defeating the lies of the enemy. She illustrated brilliantly with a chair and a stick (that she removed from the wall of the building) as her shield of faith and sword of the Spirit. The people were silent as they took in the words that she spoke concerning the lies of ancestor worship and adultery. In this pagan culture, people are hearing, for the first time, that there is One God and He is a Holy God, Who loves you and wants good things for you.

As I listened, Lorena was thoughtful to speak often in English, enabling me to connect with what she was preaching. My spirit stirred within me. So many times I have found that I agree with what someone is saying, and yet, I have an intense desire to bring the same word from another angle. It was that way this morning. Lorena was purposeful to expose the lies of the enemy and the truth of the Father. And everything in me wanted to pick up and run with theme of the Love, that brought forth the Truth, intended to set them free.

It's all too easy to get our eyes off of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, and get them on the problem. Be it sin or sickness, the draw to talk about and focus on the evil, can cause us to belittle the greatness of our God and His Goodness. A purposeful remembrance of our righteousness, that came by faith through grace, keeps us in connection with who we are, and Whose we are, and the power that has been made available to us through Holy Spirit. When those of us who are in Christ, remember that we are wholly and dearly loved and that we are the righteousness of God bought with a price, sin ceases to be a source of temptation and sickness has to flee. 

Indeed, we have come into a precious love relationship with our Lord.

When we become so enamored with our Lover that we can think of nothing besides Him, we will have come to a place of great victory.

You see, as long as you are fighting the enemy, you are not face to face with the One Who loves you. But, when you come face to face with the One Who loves you, you have already won the battle. When necessary, you can fight from that place of love, but you cannot fight your way to love.

We love Him because He first loved us. It is from that love that we desire to demonstrate our righteousness by our works. Too many times religion has distorted the truth, causing people to believe that their actions (works) will gain them the love and acceptance (righteousness) of the Lord. The truth is that when we are in union with Christ Jesus, we are already accepted in the Beloved. What we do or fail to do doesn't make any difference.

What matters is faith that works through love. (Galations 5:6)

With His Heart,

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