14 December 2013

Light on the Horizon

"Joy in the Journey" has become one of those sayings that could easily lose it's value if we aren't serious about the joy in our lives. On the flight into Johannesburg a couple of days ago, I was reminded of some of my water walking adventures and the Lords' salvation when the winds were contrary.

This journey of life is filled with joys and sorrows, fulfilled expectations and disappointments, like a roller coaster of activity, or the weather in Missouri, if you will hold on for a moment, the difficult will become easy.

He will turn your sorrow into joy.

Joy does come in the morning. You simply, yes, simply, must arrive at the morning. We decide, quite perfectly, when our morning comes. In the darkest of night, we chose to look into the darkness around us, or to look into the light that is on the horizon.

I often can't decide if David or Peter is my favorite Bible personality. David, a man after God's own heart, could make the biggest blunders, God dealt with him directly and without compromise and yet restored him immediately, completely and with honor.

Peter,  God's Rock of a man! He could roll with the best of them, but never stayed put long enough to collect any slime! Peter could fall but understood the power of rising again. He never allowed a momentary failing to stop him. He repented and moved forward. Again, we see the heart of the Father as he too was restored promptly and completely in honor.

Each one, like us, had opportunities to wallow both in the darknesses they had created as well as the darkness of others' sin against them, but both chose to run toward the light breaking over the horizon. 

Grace and Mercy will sweep us away, take us to that secret place, and hide us in the cleft of the Rock.

So that we can stand in the Light and shout His goodness from the Rooftops!

Today I am shouting from housetops! In the words of an old song, "Victory is mine. Victory is mine. Victory is mine today!" Despite the years of my own fumblings and others' false accusations, today the victory is mine. I can say, with honesty, I have walked in my integrity. Even in my own failings, I found honesty to be easier. And in others' failings, I have found great grace. 

You see, there is nothing that can keep us from the love of God. 


That love is the light that comes in the morning. That perfect love casts out every fear. That love is the joy set before us. 

So whether you are going to minister to the poorest of the poor or going to Target to buy another Christmas gift, every day you you decide to answer the call to "Come" out of the boat and walk on the water or to stay on deck bailing water. Either way, you are going to get wet. May as well lift up your eyes and see from where your help comes. Eventually you will keep your eyes on your help, and you won't sink. 

But in the interim, should you take note of a wave or two, simply, yes, simply, call upon the name of the Lord. He will come and save you. He is the Joy in your journey!

With His Heart,

Psalm 105:43  And he brought forth his people with joy, and his chosen with gladness.

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