03 February 2014

That Could Change the World

A little boy in his “Sunday Best”

A pair of what used to be pants with the inseam gone and many large rips and holes. No undergarments. The ensemble complete with a too small, long sleeved, pink, flannel night shirt on this sunny day and the thermometer reads 100 degrees in the shade.

A precious child of the Lord Most High.
This delightful little girl arrived today, like every Sunday, in her finest flannel nightgown.

Little girls in Disney Princess costume dresses dot the pack. Not a Disney Princess, you will find these are much more valuable ~ daughters of the King of kings.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me.” The children come. Love abounds and they come. To hear a story? To sing and dance? To have a bite of food? Yes, yes, and yes. But more than that, these little ones come for a hug, a smile, and even a little attention from the white lady with the picture thing, that can't stop smiling in adoration.

Oh wait, a couple return with a friend, or two, for another picture and a hug. Hand shake. That's what “we” do ~ shake hands. But we like that huggy thing you do. Do it again?

My mind floods with questions. Why do they shave some of the girls' heads? As I suspected, lice. No money for shampoo, let alone treatment. How do we meet the most desperate need ~ the little boy with no pants ~ and not start a riot with the rest?

Clothes. Most of the children have one outfit, sort of. And no money for soap to wash it.

Clothes are one thing. Then comes the rude awakening, they wash their dishes with mud and brush their teeth with ashes.

A blind mother tends to her toddler. So exhausted. From the heat? How far did she walk with that baby on her back. She arrived with two other blind folk. Together they manged to find their way with one stick and the sound of praise. The lady in the lead carrying the stick, the other two each with one hand on a shoulder, they walked in unison to hear the word of the Lord this hot, sunny, Sunday.

My mind goes into overdrive. I don't have much, but I feel like the little boy in the song, or the little boy with two little fish and some bread. 

What if I give all I have? What will that bit do?

There is a possibility we will be receiving a large number of children out of one of the most despicable circumstances, this week. There are four of us here. Each with other responsibilities. Each understanding the gravity of the need for love and care for the children, ages 6 to 14. Each knowing our own limitations.

Likewise, knowing that God is not limited. Knowing that with Him all things are possible. Knowing with Him, there is always more than enough.


Offering our selves, our little lives that seem so insignificant in the midst of such great need. What if we give all? What will that bit do?

My child, that could change the world ~

if only for a few...

For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, 
but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.
Mark 10:45

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