12 March 2014

Stirred Up!

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering;
(for he is faithful that promised;)
And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.
Hebrews 10:23 &24

These verses are sandwiched in an exhortation of our righteousness and sanctification according to the offering of Christ Jesus. The words, carried on the wave of our ability to draw near, with a true heart, in full assurance of faith, exploded in the deepest part of my being this evening when my friend returned from a 'quick trip' into the village.

Cammie made the trip to see a widow who was “suffering so much” at the request of a young man who had seen her in the village. She arrived to find a woman and four children who had not eaten for days. The words, “suffering so much” were being repeated over and over. The neighbors had provided a meal one day, but that was some days ago. 

The cataracts causing this widow to see as if she were “looking through smoke – unable to see anything” – were easily visible to my friend.

Cammie offered to go to the market and buy her food to get the fammily through until Monday's food distribution. The widow was thankful for the offer of food, but knelt, first requesting prayer. After the prayer, the woman opened her eyes, the cataracts were gone and she began to cry tears of joy, saying, “I can see! I can see that house and I can see that...”

Jesus is awesome in this place!

As Cammie shared this testimony with me, the words “stir one another to love and good works” began to wash over me. It is the love that is willing to take the time to stop for the one. Love that cares for the widows and orphans. Love that is not too busy or too tired or too hot or too...

Love...Looks Like Something

A visit to the lonely

A piece of bread to the hungry

A cup of cold water to the thirsty

Clothes for the naked

A kind word for the clerk at Wal-Mart

A prayer prayed in faith.

It is good works not done to be seen by men, but done from a pure heart, when no one is looking. Good works done when there is business to attend and desires to be fulfilled. Good works done when out there, somewhere, someone has a need they are simply unable to meet.

A need so desperate, that unless the Lord intervenes, they – and those with them – will surely die as others look on – helpless in their own distress.

But we, the Body of Christ ~ His hands, His feet, His mouthpiece ~ we have all the riches of heaven at our disposal. The promises of God to us are Yes and Amen. We have been given the divine privilege of extending His love to world in need. We ought to be living our lives in such a way that our testimonies stir one another to love with a love so extreme that we are stirred to good works!

Some days when we stop for the one, it is simply to spend the time to have a conversation and let them know that they have value. Some days it is to deliver shoes or food. Other days it is the prayer of faith that enables the blind to see...

Whatever it is today,
be stirred to love the one in front of you
and to do something good from the love
that is sure to fill your heart.

With His Heart,

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  1. Thank you, dear one, for this lovely reminder of the power of one to touch one. It touched my heart.