15 March 2014

When Presence is Present

There's a quietness in my soul today. It seems to mimic the gentle rhythm of the rain that has been a constant since last night. After a couple of weeks of feeling 'driven' to accomplish something, I am delighted to be in this peaceful place of rest, wrapped in the Father's arms, listening to His heartbeat.

It's one of those precious times when there is no need of conversation.

 Just Presence...

The whirl of thoughts and concerns about day to day activities and expectations have melted away like a water color picture. The scene is still there, but gloriously muted in it's saturation. Even after the water dries, the picture remains reminiscent of a water's reflection. No stark contrast but rather a beautiful blurring together ~

"Not either or; but both and more". (~Michele Perry)

There's something amazing about the center of God's will for a life. Just the knowing settles any momentary rustling that might hint at striving for more. A realization of the vastness of the more that already exists. More than could have been hoped, or dreamed, or even imagined.

The favor of God is extreme. 

His wooing continues. Like the soaking of the rain into the earth, a heart is filled, a dream nourished, a seed sprouts and leaves unfold in dawn's new light. 

Life abounds.

It's no surprise really. After all, isn't that what is suppose to happen? Doesn't all life spring forth from a water filled womb ~ from obscure darkness ~ into glorious light? From quiet rest ~ into the noisy world of activity?

Ah yes. My head on His chest. The sound of His heartbeat. Wrapped in His presence. He gives to His beloved 

~ even in rest...

His voice was like the sound of many waters.
Revelation 1:15 

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