04 April 2014

Purpose: Grins & Giggles

Do you remember when the phrase, "Intentional Christianity" was the buzz word? At least there was a time in my part of the world, when that was the topic of much conversation. This past week I tagged along on a couple of trips into the village. Both trips were planned and executed with intention. One, to place locks on doors, the other, to obtain photos of children in their new school uniforms.

Any trip, even those with specific purpose, are initiated with some level of excitement about where we are going and who we get to see. As I said, I tagged along. I also had a purpose. I was intentional on both trips. Not to place locks or take pictures, but rather to enjoy the people and practice my Sena! I had a purpose that varied slightly from my counterparts, but I was intentional about it, nonetheless.

There are few things in this world as wonderful as the smile of a child. In this world where children often go to bed with empty tummies and wake up hoping for a piece of bread and a little tea, the smiles are big, and the delight is real, in the midst of life's smallest joys.

I took along a little bottle of bubbles. A cheap 'toy', even here, and yet by the expressions, it was obvious they had never seen such a thing and the awe was amazing to watch. Giggles erupted as they tried to catch the shiny, floating balls. Silence followed failed attempts to make bubbles flow from the wand - and shouts of joy came again when the bubbles blew out in a steady stream.

Intentional Christianity or intentional life, there is always great delight in bearing joy.

"A day in the life of..." is a funny thought in my mind. While I am one of the few on the base that actually has some routine, my days are as varied as they come. My one hope is that each day is lived with intentionality. Like Jesus traveled place to place, He never failed to be intentional in His endeavors. 

I used to cringe at the mention of the Prophetic or anything having to do with prophesy, until one day a friend simply reminded me that 1 Corinthians says, "Prophesy is for edification, exhortation and comfort." That reminder brought peace to my soul and took the fear out of the subject.

Today, I treasure opportunities, even look for a chance to prophesy. When done according to 1 Corinthians, a smile is the sure result. Intentional Christianity requires being intentional in life. Intentional to build up another person. Intentional to exhort - to draw a person close to the Lord. Intentional to comfort the hurting. Intentional about finding a giggle in the glory of a life others see as sad or miserable.

Allow the Lord to give you a fresh outlook, to wash the windows of your soul, to enable you to see what He sees in the person in front of you today. See what He sees, and intentionally reach out to bring forth a giggle that reveals His glory!

With His Heart, 

Special thanks to my daughter for sending a video of my grandson this morning... 


  1. There is suppose to be a video of my giggling grandson at the bottom of this post.

  2. I loved every word and the video! Grins and giggles for sure! Thank you for sharing. Love you.