26 May 2014

Forever We Will Worship

We gathered in my little living room, my missionary friends and I, to spend an evening worshipping our Lord. 

He is so worthy.

As I sat with my eyes closed listening to the chorus of voices singing a new song, I couldn't help but think how wonderful the sound must be in the ears of the Father. 

Pure love and adoration.

We all come from different backgrounds, with different life events happening, even now. But, in His presence, there is fullness of joy, and forgetfulness of the issues of the day. All the cares of this natural life fade away as we behold His goodness and relax into His loving arms.

There is something about corporate worship that brings unity, and where the brethren dwell together in unity, there, He commands the blessing 

~ life, forevermore ~

Perhaps that is why we so often long for the experience of corporate worship. When our focus is on the One we love, His love overflows and we breathe in life in abundance.

 ~ alone in the crowd ~

I didn't know how much I longed for English worship, until recently, when a group of "English speakers" gathered for an evening. Since then, many opportunities have presented themselves and I find that I can't wait to be a part. And if the opportunity doesn't present itself, I don't mind creating it.

There is something magnificient accomplished when we join together to adore Him. Scripture, and our own lives, are filled with examples of corporate praise and worship. In that atmosphere, His glory fills the temple and battles are won without a fight.

It's one more reminder that we truly are one Body and we are interdependent on one another. Personal battles can be won in solitary worship and that is good. But, if we fail to come together in His Name, to worship Him, whose battle are we leaving in limbo? Who, sitting next to us, will walk away not having experienced the Glory of the Lord, in corporate measure?

I have long treasured the early mornings and late nights of worshipping my Lord when no one else was around. There is a freedom in His presence that goes far beyond what words can describe. And yet, regular corporate worship has brought me into a depth of humility and awe in that presence, that cannot be compared, for they are very different experiences.

Last night, with a simple guitar and humble hearts, our voices joined in holy adoration to the only One worth praising. As our time together quietly subsided and each one returned to their own home, in quietness of heart. My own heart seemed to float on high with a silent giggle of delight ~

It is an honor to be in this place, 

with these people, 

at this time in eternity

With His Heart,

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  1. I love you, Kim. Thank you yet again for your insights and love.