08 May 2014

Keep Rejoicing!

I am alive in Dondo!!

It's been so long since I have written and I do apologize to those of you waiting for an update. I have tried repeatedly, to no avail, to upload a picture video from our Resurrection weekend. Now, so much time is passed, I'm not sure what to tell you about!

The Resurrection Weekend was a non stop celebration, complete with much praise and worship, a showing of the Jesus film and baptisms at the river. The kids danced and sang, the youth did an interpretive dance and worshiped and our new flag team demonstrated worship with flags and streamers.

My personal favorite was the early morning, three walk, into the bush for baptisms. The African landscape often takes my breath away, but on that glorious morning, in the first light of day, it was exceptional. 

As we exited the village and entered the bush, the last house had a large red sign advertising phone credit. I had to laugh. In this land where most people walk, a gas station is not even a thought on this narrow path, but here, you had your last opportunity to purchase phone time before entering the bush! We might be on foot, but we could still talk on the phone - too funny!

Arriving at the river was a time of honest reflection and anticipation. The people gathered as Papa Peter shared the Word and gave instructions.

After they were baptized each person received prayer and blessing.

The weeks immediately prior were filled with preparation and the welcome visit from Peter and Debbie Wilcox. Since then the time has been filled with much activity. A new missionary family arrived, and two missions teams have come.

In the midst of the business, the Lord has connected me with a number of people that are both working within Iris Ministries as well as working with a local Mozambican church called Peniel. Peniel is like a sister church to Iris and the Apostle is a true gift to the Body of Christ. 

As always, I am simply fascinated by the working of the Lord in His Body. It is wonderful to watch His people come together in unity. It is no wonder He commands the blessing of life forever, in that place.

As of June, my new Dentist, Dr. Clerenho Costa and his wife Lika will head up an English service at Peniel, on Sunday afternoons. That will enable missionaries in the area to minister to the groups they have been called to and to be able to enjoy corporate worship and ministry in our own language. Something that is easily taken for granted.

June and July will be a time for renewal for me. 

So soon? Yes. It is time to renew my VISA and the family of the children I teach are taking a furlough. I will do so at the same time. I will be visiting a couple of other Iris bases and another ministry base, but the bulk of that time will be spent in South Africa, being quiet with the Lord and hearing clearly for the upcoming days in Mozambique.

The Lord is stirring many things in my heart. I plan to share some good inspiration with you in the very near future. 

Until then, Enjoy the pictures from Resurrection Weekend and Keep rejoicing!

With His Heart,

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