17 June 2014

Furlough 2014

Six months on the field may not seem like long enough to require a furlough, but the Lord knows what He is doing. When the opportunity presented itself, I felt like the Lord would have me "come away" with Him. This time has started off with an interesting group of events, both in the natural and in the spirit.

 This past week began with a flight out of the Beira airport, in Mozambique. The plane left the ground about the same time it was due to arrive in Maputo. Alex picked me up and drove me to the Zimpeto, Iris Children's Center, where I spent the next three days.
In Zimpeto, I had lots of opportunity to hug on kids, and to get hugged on as well! It's hard to believe some of the heart breaking stories of these children's lives and see the smiles that Jesus has put on their faces today. The staff is wonderful and the children experience real love in a multitude of ways through out their day.


 The giggles and constant hugs were wonderful at a time when I was missing my grandchildren in a major way.

 The days were windy, blowing sand everywhere, but no one seemed to mind. The joy of the Lord and the company of His people overshadowed the blowing...

From the infants to the teenagers, every face held expectant eyes, ready to be received and loved. Tiny legs carried tiny bodies with wide stretched arms, running into the arms of any adult walking through the yard. Their little faces aglow with delight and many snotty noses.

Beautiful gifts of the Father's love walk, run and sing from sunrise to bedtime. The girls dorm begins singing early in the morning and the song continues throughout the day. Gentle hands touch your hair and school aged boys wrestle and run after class. The business of such a place never ends, and yet the staff never fails to be full of joy and the Holy Spirit.

I enjoyed an afternoon Feista with the 4-8 year old boys:


Alas, in the midst of such lively activity, there is a special quiet place ~ the Prayer Room.

The Prayer Room overlooks three sides of this large base and provides plenty of private, quiet space to be alone with the Lord. On Tuesday, the school-age children gather for worship before school. At 6:30AM they were piled against the door with great anticipation for the 7:00AM service. I joined them in pure amazement as these young ones prayed and sang and shared scripture to glorify the Lord as they dedicated their day to Him.

My time at Zimpeto came to an end and anticipation in my own heart began to build at the thought of entering South Africa and participating in a conference so wonderfully entitled "Overwhelmed". 

Crossing the boarder into SA was nothing short of amazing. I traveled by bus, a typical 3 hour journey that lasted much longer due to road construction. 

The spiritual atmosphere was tangibly different upon entering South Africa. Literally, it immediately became easier to breathe and a sense of alertness was obvious.

The conference was held at the Iris Revival Church in Nelspruit, SA, 
where Surprise Sithole pastors.

 Now, in South Africa for the next few weeks, I have done the necessary shopping, visited a nearby Bontanical Garden, enjoyed an English speaking conference, and settled into a quiet, alone place, to be with the Lord.

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God, is the same yesterday, today and forever. But, He says, "Behold, I do a new thing, do you not perceive it?" As you go through this week, make a point to be ever aware of the presence of the Lord. Listen to hear what new thing He has in store for you. He is faithful. He has brought you to this place for a purpose. Let Him be glorified in you and in all you do.

With His Heart ~ Kimberly

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