18 June 2014


Have you ever meditated on the life of Christ? Christ is the Anointing. Jesus Christ is the anointed One and His anointing. 

So, let me ask again, Have you ever meditated on the life of Christ?

Of course you can't think on the anointing without thinking on Jesus. It would be useless to try separating the two. The only reason we have anointing in our lives is because we have Jesus, His Holy Spirit, residing within us. Jesus came to earth as the Messiah, or the Christ, meaning, He was consecrated for that, from birth. But what about His personal consecration to that position? Did His Baptism in the Jordan, and submission to Holy Spirits' leading into the wilderness for 40 days of tempting by the devil, have any affect on the anointing that certainly already resided to Him?

It began when Jesus came to John to be baptized in the Jordan river. Jordan comes from a root meaning to descend, or to go low.  If you can ponder that for a moment ~ Jesus not only humbled himself that day, but He was immersed into humility. In that humility, the Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

In the wilderness, Jesus was consecrating His life to the Father's will. He knew even then, the death that awaited Him. I believe he endured His wilderness experience much the same way He endured the cross ~ for the joy set before Him.

Just as an olive must be pressed to bring forth the oil that anoints, so must a man be pressed to bring forth the anointing within him. Jesus would require the anointing that could only come from such pressure, in order to fulfill the will of the Father, and bring us into His kingdom. The anointing was already in Him, a part of who is was, even from conception. But the process of His wilderness experience brought it out.

Under the Law, God sent the Prophet to anoint kings and priests and other prophets. When the Messiah came on the scene, a shift in covenants began. His anointing would not come through a man, but from God, within the man.

No longer did God have the Prophet anoint with oil to acknowledge the call. Instead, the call came, the person was set apart, consecrated by God, then, in turn we see them consecrating their lives back to Him, forsaking all.

In the press, the anointing is released and lives are changed. 

The life of Christ is revealed.

There's a place in the crushing that one's life truly is no longer their own. God will set you apart, even from your mother's womb, the transition comes when you separate yourself to Him, to His will and to His purpose. One who thinks there is no cost in forsaking all, hasn't yet forsaken all.

I began to wonder about my own life as an olive in the press. How much am I willing to endure that the anointing within can be poured out? Will I allow the momentary suffering, for the joy of seeing those before me saved, delivered and set free? The wilderness is a lonely place, but the knowledge of having the Lord of glory with me makes that, in and of itself, an easier place to be. 

40 days in the whole of life, is so little. And yet, I began to wonder, "What am I willing to do without, even for 40 days, that my life might make an impact on someone else's eternity" 

"What is one life worth to me?" 

Jesus gave up everything for 40 days, and the pressure of the temptations in those days brought the anointing within Him to the surface. From there, the proceeding word of God became His bread, From there, His life was no longer His own. From there, worship and service to the Lord God became His only desire. 

I want that, in that measure, to be able to fully give my life to others. 

The life of Christ destroys the yoke. 

Jesus didn't make up His own plan for the wilderness and 40 days of fasting. The Spirit took Him and He obeyed. I know people who have 'allowed themselves' some interesting things on a fast. From gum and mints to milkshakes, we have an excuse for it all. There is always good reasoning for not going the whole depth of the Jordan. I'm guilty. The gum and mints were meant for others benefit, and yet, I have found a solace for my own cravings in them. The question then is, "Will I be immersed, will I be led, will I respond to temptation accurately? or Will I just go in shoulder deep, determine my own course and respond to temptation in such a way as to bring comfort to myself?"

I'm pondering today; the whole of the issue is that we meant so much to Jesus that He was willing to do whatever was necessary to bring forth the anointing that would set us free. He did without all, for 40 days, so that we could encounter the Father. That was three years before He gave His life so we could be reconciled to the Father we had encountered. 

What is the cost of the anointing? Am I willing to be immersed in the Jordan? Am I willing to let Holy spirit lead me into the wilderness for the express purpose of being tempted by the devil? Am I willing to do without physical pleasures, for a season, so that another can encounter the yoke destroying, burden removing power of the living God?


With His Heart,

"...your Father Who sees what is done in secret will reward you."

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