21 July 2014

In Light There Is Light!

Often when I gaze on the mountains of this quaint South African town, I am reminded of a Word that was given to me a couple of years ago. The memory of that moment always brings a rush of emotion. The tears are difficult to hold back, and, like today, occasionally one seeps out. 

I have received a number of prophetic words through the years. Precious few have held the power to draw forth the destiny that flows deep in my being like that one. Little did I know todays' moment of reminiscing with the Holy One was a divine set up for my day.

Church began, the message was excellent, and a man shared a vision he had this morning. In it, there was cow atop a hill. The cow fell and began to roll down the hill. It rolled and fell into a great abyss. As he spoke, Holy Spirit was showing me a "sacred cow".

A 'sacred cow' is an idiom, (a figure of speech) used to describe something that is considered immune from question or criticism.

My own 'sacred cow' (that had been wobbling for some time), did indeed, topple and roll into the abyss this afternoon with a sudden culmination of prophetic words, visions and answers to long awaited questions.

For some, there seems to come a restlessness, a holy dissatisfaction designed by God. It appears as a curiosity that keeps us on the edge of tradition, overlooking eternity. It is a stirring of the heart that makes us question the sacred. Like an inquisitive child in a department store, we are told not to touch ~ lest we damage the precious.

But the stirring within defies our efforts. Our need to know reaches for the fragile. Endless questions create a wobbling. The sacred is steadied for a time, perhaps time and again, but eventually the burning questions, inflamed by the billows of the Spirit, can be contained no longer, and the sacred cow topples from it's place of honor.

In light ~ There is light

Sacred cows will call the ministry of Jesus into question. Is it legal to heal a man on the Sabbath? Is it blasphemy to make oneself equal with God?  Is it heresy to forgive a man's sins? Those things in our lives that blind us to the love and grace and mercy of God ~ those things are sacred cows.

So often in this life we are given a truth and then expected to function within that truth without ever looking to see if there is greater truth to be found. Below is a picture of the African Bush. That is a truth. Your ability, or lack of, to see the giraffe within the picture has no bearing on the truth that it is present. If you are satisfied with seeing the bush, you will not be stirred to see the life that moves within it. 

Salvation came to the Jews and yet, Peter was given the vision take it to the gentiles. Initially, the other apostles saw their sacred cow wobbling. The KJV says they contended with him. To contend, is to struggle in opposition. The other apostles were in opposition to him, accusing him of having done wrong for going to the uncircumcised and eating with them.

Peter had seen something the others had not seen. He had received a word from the Lord that the others had not received. Peter, himself, had to contend with Holy Spirit regarding what he was receiving. He was compelled by the Lord to call into question the very word of the Lord Himself.

The apostles held a truth. Jesus had told them to only go to the lost house of Israel. It was only when they heard of the fruit, that they gave glory to God, and let their sacred cow fall into the abyss.

How long will we allow the wobbling idols in our lives to hold us back from the edge of the unseen? There are Peter's who will receive the vision. There are those who will  benefit. There are those who will oppose him. And there are those who will throw their sacred cow off the cliff.

Who are you?

With His Heart,

"What was I that I could withstand God?"
Acts 11:17

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