22 August 2014

Destined for Love

I could almost hear the music from an old thriller movie as we wound our way up the dark, narrow hallway. The twists and turns were a little creepy, even in what was suppose to be the light of day. The walls, once painted a pale blue, were dirty and peeling. Smudged with the grime of years of disappointment, and hope deferred. In the deep crevices, wads of trash filled the cracks and holes like long forgotten dreams crumpled in a heap. The smell of sewage and old perspiration mingled in the air. One flight, two flights, three, where were we going? Finally, the stairwell opened to a small sitting area, minus the chairs, with a large table, just outside the door of the Dept. of Religion.

I don't know what I expected when I stepped cautiously through the garbage on the street, this morning. I just know it reminded me of the back ally, in that same movie. One thing was for certain, I did not expect Govt. offices to be in such a place. My heart began to ache for these men who are best known for their corruption and greed.

The stale odor in the warm, still, air could just as easily be the stench of hell as the demons scurry between people, biting, pinching and scratching their way into the subconscious of men.

As we unwound ourselves down the same drab stairs, I knew all too well the sense that people I care about are being deceived and mistreated. The morning was yet to become a series of attempts to deceive me, and the ministry I represent, for nothing more that a bit of pocket change. A “friend” of the ministry, trying to cheat us out of a little money. I found myself seeking the Lord for answers in a place where communication remains a huge barrier. I didn't understand the conversations, but the spirit was obvious. And more than once the compassionate eyes of a clerk glanced at me, then at the “friend”, and offered an integrity filled reply.

An offer of a soda and something to eat suddenly quieted his growing anxiety that every attempt to defraud had been met with a love that would not yield to his greed. The words penned of Saint Augustine, “You loved me, I now am loveable” came to life today. A concept not at all new. In fact, a word I've been trying to live in spite of cautions to the contrary. Still, the words pierce my soul:

You loved me ~ NOW I am loveable”

We were made for love. That is, we were made to ~ BE LOVE ~
~ Imagined in love ~
~ Designed in love ~
~ Fashioned in love ~
We were created in love, to be love, so that the world could know love.

Love is pure. What is it that we end up with when our love is tainted with contempt, bitterness or impatience? What do we have when our pride forbids us from giving to the needy? How can we say we love when we will pay the bribe to a man with a job, but refuse to give a piece of bread to the hungry? How can we expect others to be loveable when we have not yet loved them?

When hearts are painted blue with the revelation of the Father's love and the light of that love shines brightly in the hearts of men, then, the way will be made straight and plain. Desires fulfilled will patch the cracks and the sweet aroma of the prayers of the saints will rest in the air.

When we love them, then, they will be loveable.

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