05 October 2014

Microwave Mission

Consider it all joy my brethren, when you encounter various trails,
knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

Some of you have been waiting to hear about my first days in Japan. As I share those first magical moments with you, you will need to close your eyes and get a picture of me. I've been on a plane for two days. The coffee was horrible, the food was, well, Japanese airline food. I'm wearing a capulana skirt, (if you don't know, a capulana is prone to come loose and land on the floor at the most inopportune times). I have one suitcase holding 30kg and another holding 20kg because the extra bags have been crammed into the ones that roll. My hair is greasy. My make up is gone, and Customs has spent the past hour and a half interrogating me while removing every single item out of my luggage, and their containers, and x-rayed the empty suitcases. 

Welcome to Narita, Tokyo!

The plane landed on Monday morning. All was going great until the Customs officer wanted an address where I'd be staying. A long time later with my bags in a shambles, I had endured interrogation, and walked through the doors to the main hallway of the airport. 

Within minutes I had that familiar knowing in my gut. I said to the Lord, "She's not meeting me here, is she?" He didn't need to answer. I headed to the bus ticket booth. There, I discovered that the small amount of money remaining in my account was enough to get me to Tokyo. That was all. I'm a smart girl. I had no promises for meeting the "woman of peace" of whom the Lord had spoken - in downtown Tokyo. 

Sleeping in the airport seemed a better option than a Tokyo street. 

That first night was long and restless. I didn't even know if it was legal to sleep in the airport, but lots of people were stretched out across the rows of chairs. I found a spot and wished I hadn't argued with Holy Ghost about taking that pillow from the plane.

Morning came. No change in my bank balance. No appetite. I didn't even want a cup of coffee. I wondered around the airport, talking to the Lord. He was very quiet, but very present. 

In the afternoon, I discovered that I could check my bags in a holding area for cheap. That beat lugging them around, so I checked the big one and kept the small one with the essentials in it. For $5.00, I could take the bus to the local mall. And I did.

A mall, is a mall, is a mall. In the center there was an area with taste testing. A late lunch of Japanese interestings was kinda fun. The custard I ate with a paper spoon was good. The conversation was better.

Back at the airport, I settled in for another night. This time having discovered an area with electrical sockets, on the second floor, in a dim corner - away from the general hub of things. This would became my "home" away from home. If I had a home, that is. I was really beginning to identify with Jesus, in that He had no place to lay His head.

By Thursday evening, my hope was a bit anemic, but faith wouldn't let me quit. I had no new word from the Lord. The last thing He said to me was, "It is time to go!" Go I did, and here I was, alone in the airport, in a foreign country, with no money, no contacts and not convinced I had missed God. 

Now, I had been trying to contact people who knew people. That was a bust. And I had been contacting ministries in Japan - most all of them are based in the US. That too, was of no avail.

Every prayer for days had contained reminders to the Lord of His Words to me. Not prophetic words from others - His words directly to me - over the past two + years! I found myself thankful, and a little fearful, for the training I had received about getting a word for myself. In those moments when it's just you and God, you don't have to answer for what brother so and so thought he heard, you are only accountable for what you heard, and what you believe.

The enemies attempts to bring confusion had been met with strong offense all week. Yes, I said OFFENSE! I would not let the word of the Lord get quiet in my thoughts. It's much more difficult to find the strength to deflect the blows of the enemy when you're on your back. If having done all to stand, you keep standing, you have a decent chance of knocking him down. 

Friday morning he suffered a final blow.

No one knew my situation. (You have to know when to be quiet and let the Lord finish what He started.) Too much talking with people, can create confusion, and zap your faith. But that morning, I received a phone call telling me money had been placed into my bank account. The call was dropped while I was sharing about my week. So I decided to finish in an email. This is what I wrote,

"With what you put in the bank, I can leave the airport. But, then the question is, where am I suppose to go? Sounds like a funny question, but this is the place that I either move forward in faith, or assume I missed God and shrink back."

As I typed those words, everything came into perfect perspective again. It was the end of the struggle. I knew without a doubt, this week was all about, 

the testing of my faith

I had considered that repeatedly through the previous days, which is why I had not lost all hope and melted into an emotional puddle. I knew I wasn't crazy, so, I continued to look at what the Lord had spoken to me, in spite of the taunting of the enemy telling me I had just made the worst mistake of my life. Like hand to hand combat, my shield kept deflecting accusations, but my arm was getting tired. I knew what the Lord had said, and as much, I knew what He had not said. 

He had not said when I would meet who, or how things would transpire. Our microwave society has conditioned us to think immediate gratification is the only way - that anything cooked in the crockpot isn't worth the wait. But, I know my God. I know He is faithful. I knew that He had called me and I knew, I just knew, He would do it! 

With a sudden assurance that I WILL NOT SHRINK BACK! my strength was renewed. I closed the email and promptly discovered another message. One from a missionary I had never met, living in Japan. She was opening her door to me.

Last night I boarded a bus and headed for Sendai. (Pronounced, Send I) This morning I arrived at first light, an eight hour drive away. Sara picked me up and I had the best shower I've had in a long time! 

This evening we went to church, where I met her pastors. Pastors who share my heart to take Apostolic Teams to the unreached of rural Japan! If that isn't enough, we share similar backgrounds of faith and follow the same Apostolic revelation regarding the Five-Fold Ministry. Tomorrow we will meet and share our visions in detail. 

Let endurance have its perfect result,
so that you may be perfect, complete, lacking nothing.
(James 1:2-3)

Stepping out on faith is serious business. It will change you forever. I've said it before, no doubt, I'll say it again, "I'd rather be a wet water walker than be dry in the boat!"

Long ago I said to the Lord, "Bid me come!" Even if I had mistaken the howling of the wind for His voice, His mercy would lift me up again. You don't have to be afraid to trust God. He will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all, that you can ask, think, or even imagine! The desires in your heart to see and do the miraculous are from Him. Don't shrink back. Don't doubt. And don't expect to find grandma's roast in the microwave!

Making Disciples,


  1. Inspiring, scary, tense - I can't be the only one a bit awe-struck.

    I couldn't have imagined this being the next chapter, but that's what makes life worth living. If we only play out the parts we're expected to fulfil, we'll never be challenged, tested or make the difference in lives of others that we are capable of making.

    Good luck with this - and keep sharing. It's wonderful to have even a glimpse into what's happening there!

    1. Thank you. Truly, this is life worth living!!