03 November 2014

He Remembers

This afternoon I've been looking through old posts on here. It's fun to read through them and remember what prompted this thought or that.  I wonder if the Lord ever sits back, on a rainy autumn day, smiling over a special memory of you and me?

There was that time when He gave you a gift, just because He knew you would like it.

The only purple tulip in the whole yard.
The wreath you were looking at in that magazine that was mysteriously delivered to your front door.
The sound a child giggling.

He remembers the time you were walking on thin ice, and fell into the icy waters. He wrapped you in His love, and healed your heart in the warmth of the fire of that same love.

Hot cocoa, with marshmellows, sipped under the blanket of His grace.
Conversations shared that would mean nothing to anyone else.
That day that you spent on the river bank, enthralled with His presence.
Or that long walk in the woods ~ His mercy holding your hand ~ no one else hearing you cry.
Skipping stones in the creek.
Picking up seashells on the seashore.
Resting your head on His chest ~ watching the sunset on a perfect day.

We take time to remember all His benefits. I like to think He takes time remembering why He gives them.

There is one theme that I keep returning to time and again. That is that you were created for His good pleasure. He knew you before He formed you ~ and He approved of you!  He liked you even before you took your first breath. He loved you before you answered His call. He wanted fellowshiip with you from before the foundation of the world. And He willingly gave His only Son in order to obtain that life of fellowship with you.

He thinks about you with fondness. He delights in the moments you conquered, and a smile forms on His lips when He remembers how you overcame.  His chest stills puffs a bit with the memory of your first public speaking moment and the last cup of cold water you offerred.

Maybe He even reaches over the arm of His recliner and pulls out the photo album.

There you are in that hospital photo just hours after your entrance into this world. A few pages later you are in that old wooden highchair, spoon in hand, learning to feed yourself. Here's one sporting your first pair of boots and there's the trophy from your 6th grade ball tournament! Pictures of awkward preteen turned stunning high schooler. Photos of accomplishhments, friends and pets. Birthdays, holidays and other days that are marked in time. You as the bridesmaid. You as the best man. You as the bride.

His heart swells with joy. You have matured into the man or woman He always knew you were created to be.

In the years to come, there will be more pictures, more memories of this life we live in the spirit. One day you will sit with Him and look back over the years of your own children, how they grew and accomplished so much in spite of the bike wrecks, broken hearts and wounded emotions. You will find yourself lost in the memories of why you gave. A smile will form on your lips and giggle will slip out as you remember why you did what you did to help them reach their full potential.

Almighty God is a good Papa. He longs to give you the desires of your heart ~ because you are the desire of His.

As we come into this season of Thanksgiving, be sure to take time each day to thank Him for this life He has given you, and for the oportunities to change the world, one touch at a time.

With His Heart,

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