26 April 2015

Grace Enables

"Just do what you love to do." 

The words rang out like church bells in a not so distant place . Coupled with a vision too soon forgotten, the words seemed to linger in the air awaiting a response.

The days preceeding had been wrought with feelings of inadequacy and failure.  The gloomy sense of near dispair should have been chiming with the words of king David, "Oh why so downcast, oh my soul? Put your hope in God!" 

But hope was fading, faith was discouraged and love seemed oh so painfully silent.

There was no way to shake the knowing that the call was real, or that the timing was accurate. So, why so downcast? Why was this so hard? Why did every effort to move forward feel like quicksand?

With a smile of approval and a hot summer memory, passion was revived and steps formed in the sand. Why so downcast, oh my soul? 

Our hope is in God! Faith is strengthened and love has spoken. 

Just do what you love to do.

Everyday dreams die an untimely death. Vision is the equivilent to gazing at the finished product. The dream encompasses the purpose and contains all the grandiose ideas about the "how to". When the original "how to" meets a brick wall, many options emerge with their guaranteed solutions. Like a bad T.V. commercial, famous Joe did it this way. It's tried and true. This plan is guaranteed to succeed.

Weeks and months later frustration and discouragement have settled in. Saul's armour didn't fit David and famous Joe's method doesn't fit you. Now you're wishing there was a money back guarantee because you're flat broke and all you want is a cup of coffee. You knew you weren't a famous Joe kinda guy. Disillusionment is wallowing in your tears and all you want to do is figure how to go home gracefully.

You've forgotten what you love to do.

But dreams don't have to die. And sitting in Starbucks never solved anything anyway.

Those grandiose ideas are God ideas. The ones that are too good to be true and the ones everyone is sure won't work - the thing you love to do - that's the God idea! 

God gives us vision so we know the end result of what we are working toward. But the dreams are the highways we travel to get there. When we encounter a detour,  all too often we get sidetracked trying to find an alternate route, forgetting that if we will just follow the detour, we will end up at the right place.

It's easy to take a wrong turn in our dreams, especially when there is a detour. The dream often seems so surreal anyway. No one else has ever taken this route. All the "successful" people took other routes and apparently had no detours, they arrived right on time and their vision was fulfilled. Surely, taking a turn off the detour, and finding their path, would be more beneficial. The result of such thinking of course, is frustration and discouragement. Trying to wear Saul's armour is useless, and besides, it's not what you love to do. 

On this journey of faith, there's no shame in making a "U" turn. That is, going back back to the word spoken to you, by the Lord. He gave you the original dream. He knew it was too big for you. He knew it was impossible without Him. He knew the detour was there. He just expected you to take it knowing you would come out in the right spot eventually.  

For many, it's time to tell frustration and discouragement to get out of the car. Get back on the dream highway and enjoy the scenery of the detour. That dream that He gave you is a precious gift, given from His heart. It comes with grace and anointing. So, 

Just do what you love to do!

Jesus called Peter and Andrew...they were fishermen. And He said, 
"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men."

Following Jesus ensures that you do what you love to do!

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  1. Wow! That was long ago, too bad it only happened twice.

    1. It was a day or two ago. 2008 was our last "Bringing the Bible to Life" event. We actually did it 3 years, with the last one being a two day event. It was a wonderful time. 25 churches represented and nearly 200 volunteers came together to minister to our city. We fed over 1000 people each year, saw salvations, healings, and baptisms, and the Body worked together with every joint giving their supply!