24 August 2015

The Unfamiliar

I'm commited to Holy Spirit. I will follw where He leads. I will serve with my whole heart ~ when I understand ~ and when I don't - when things are familiar ~ and when they aren't. I will trust His perfect love, and allow my fears to be cast out. I'll trust that He is not disappointed with my fumblings in the unfamiliar, and I will rest in His presence as He reveals all things. I will stay when He says stay. I will do what He says to do. I will go when He says it is time to go. I refuse to question His leading.

I had a dream last night, for the second time. My spirit always perks up when I have an encounter more than once. The first time, I passed it off as nothing. But waking to it a second time caused my spirit to tune it close to the frequency of heaven.

I'll save you the details, it was a word just for me. The reason I bring it up at all, is that it is a solid confirmation of His call on my life. You too, have a call on your life. Only you can decide if you are committed to the One Who calls, or if you are commited to the thing to which He has called you.

At first glance we don't see a lot of difference in the two, and a typical answer would be that, of course, we should be committed both to Him and to the task. The problem arises when we get so focussed on the task that we miss, or dismiss, Him when He says it's time to move.

When He told me it was time to leave Mozambique, it seemed I had only just arrived. I was just "settling in" good. It wasn't until months later that I realized He had accomplished what He planned by my being there. No man understood ~ not even me.

Coming to Japan has been a whirlwind of activity.

It was a year ago, this time, that the reality of leaving Mozambique was hitting hard. In a matter of weeks I would find myself sitting in an airport, with no contacts, no plan, and $40 in my pocket ~ in a country where I did not know the language and could not relate to the culture. What some thought was irresponsible and foolish, the Lord proved to be His wisdom.

He Who called you is faithful; He also will do it.

A year later I sit in my little apartment, in a three story building, donated for use of this ministry. The Lord has granted relationships, from one end of the country to the other ~ and the divine appointments continue almost daily.

In the midst of what seems to be fumbling around in unfamiliar territory, is just that, fumbling around in unfamiliar territory. I don't know about you, but when He has given me an assignment and I am on the way to accomplish it, I find myself adding details ~ to make it better, more pleasing, for Him. But, before I can do all that is in my heart to do, He comes and whisks me off, to another, unfamiliar place.

In my dream, He asked me to get Him some coffee and Sweet Seltzer. In my mind that equated to "a cup of coffee" (in a ceramic cup) and a Sweet Seltzer "over ice, in a glass".  I was filled with anxiety trying to locate the appropriate items in an unfamilar environment. Before I could accomplish the task, He emerged to escort me to the next place. He could have been disappointed that I never served Him the coffee or the seltzer. Instead, He delighted in my presence, showed me what I needed to see, and off we went ~ to the next good thing.

Meet Jack


Jack arrived from Indiana to install a hot water heater so I could ditch the bucket baths for a season and to help restore the cafe area of the building in preparation for discipleship/new believer meetings following a movie outreach that was heavy on my heart.

It didn't take long to realize that Holy Spirit had led me into a new place. I knew what He was saying, I just couldn't find it in this suddenly unfamiliar place. I know I'm a blessed woman because in spite of serious jet lag accompanied by nearly overwhelming culture shock Jack maintained the patience of Job in the presence of the crazy woman in the mountains of Myoko.

As my anxiety over the details reached epic proportions, Holy Spirit emerged, His peace beyond understanding, and guided me to what I was seeking. I didn't complete the task, like I wanted to complete it, for His glory, but He has me covered, revealing and leading me onward.

Jack was amazing! He completed the most important tasks, with excellence. I now have a working shower, a vanity/dressing room complete with functioning sink, a new rolling island in my kitchen!!! and the cafe ceiling has gone from dark brown to white, the walls from gray yuck print to golden yellow and the trim to shining brown. It isn't complete. It's not ready for eyes seeking perfection and completeness. But, it is a work in progress ~ and now it is a doable thing for me to finish ~ in His time.

I learned how to paint without making a mess, and I learned that His timing and mine are not always the same. I learned the container is as important as the contents and it's okay if I fumble through the process. 

Faithful is He Who called me; He also will bring it to pass. 


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