28 September 2015

He Must Be Very Busy

I just finished a wonderful weekend in Osaka where over 30 believers in Jesus Christ gathered to learn what it means to be truly Born Again. Over the course of the weekend, many in attendance came to understand, for the first time, what it means to repent, the purpose of water baptism, and the gift of Holy Spirit. Some had been baptised in years past, but did not understand the purpose and meaning of water baptism, and chose to be baptised again. I don't have exact numbers, but at least 20 were water baptised and most of them received deliverance at the same time. Each one received Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. But, that's not all. They took to the streets of Osaka, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons and baptising others as they embraced new life in Christ ~ born again!


Of those 30+ in attendance, less than 5 had ever led anyone to Christ, layed hands on the sick and seen them recover, baptised anyone or cast out a demon.  In 48 hours time, everyone was equipped to do these basic things and all were active in doing so. It will be a few days before there is a good estimate on the number of healings that took place. No one may ever know, this side of heaven, the number of seeds planted and time will reveal the hearts of those who received this weekend. If they were hard ground, the devil will steal away what they did not understand. If rocky ground with no depth, they will not withstand the persecution that is sure to come. If thorny ground, the cares of the world will soon overtake, but, if they are good ground, much fruit will be received.

This one thing is certain, the first of many discipleship lessons has been taught, demonstrated, practiced, and in some cases, mastered. The teaching was accompanied with equipment, and now, like a child who has had the training wheels removed and permission granted to ride around the block, these new creatures in Christ have the freedom to go forth and enjoy bringing the kingdom of heaven near to all.

Sometimes it is good for those of us already living this supernatural life, to sit in on such a weekend. It is refreshing to relax and receive from others. Personally, I grabbed hold of a couple of nuggets that I already knew to be true, but were presented in a unique way. They seemed to ride on the wind and add new fuel to my own fire. 

Everyone has to find their course as they allow the Rivers of Living Waters to flow out of their belly. For some, street ministry is not our 'natural' bend in the river  
flow with Holy Ghost. But still, we recognize the necessity of being ready in season and out. For me, stopping for the obvious one, is easier than stopping everyone.

For example, this morning on my way to find a quiet place to do what I needed to do today, I stopped off at a friend's office and was asked to share about Heart of Christ International with a small group of people who did not know Jesus. As I shared briefly about having a healing room available, one man mentioned that he had pain in his back. I took his hand, gave thanks to Jesus the healer, and told the pain to go in His Name. He stood, twisted around and with a broad smile of amazment reported the pain was gone. Then, looked at me, and with a question in his voice said, "Jesus? Jesus name?" It was the perfect moment to share the love of Christ.  He asked, "How often can you call on the name of Jesus?" He was surprised to hear there is no limit and responded that "He must be very busy."  It was so much fun to explain that He is present everywhere, all the time!


With His Heart,

*For more information about this weekend, go to thhelastreformation.com or check out their facebook dedicated to Japan.

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