04 November 2015

Until You Need One

Israel's kids had a bad habit of complaining about where the goodness of the Lord had brought them. It seems at every turn they found fault with His journey. The chance to look into the eyes of their Deliverer was exchanged for looking into their own navel. Every opportunity to anticipate a miracle was traded for accusation against the One Who would provide it.

It was early in their adventure that they found themselves on the edge of a major miracle. Mountains on one side, desert on the other, the enemy on their tail and the Red Sea in front of them. 

It was a God designed trap. 

The enemy was pursuing in hopes of overtaking God Almighty. Can you imagine the fear in the hearts of the soldiers? They had just been through 10 plagues culminating in the death of their firstborn sons. What would they have been thinking as they drew close to this people whose God had been fighting for them? Where was their resolve when the pillar of fire moved into place between them and Israel's kids?

Now, the Creator of the Universe is sitting on the circle of the earth, with His eye, He guides the hosts of heaven into position. In the pause of His activity, the enemy creeps closer, they can hear their own hearts beating in their ears. What will I AM do next?

Suddenly God sneezes! The blast of His nostril creates a windstorm so strong it parts the ocean, and so long, that it dries the ground. Israel's kids step out, walking across the dried ocean floor. With the ferver of a madman, the enemy, wrought with anxiety of heart and mind, run into the path forged in the sea. 

On the other side of the Red Sea, Johovah brings the last of His chosen ones onto new land. Like a story writer completing a bad paragraph, He highlights the Egyptian Army, who have come too far to turn back, but not far enough to reach victory, and He hits DELETE!

God waited to open the Red Sea until the enemy was close enough to be destroyed in it's wake.

The next time your journey takes you into unfamiliar territory, enjoy the scenery, it's an opportunity to look into the eyes of Love. When the enemy is pursuing, listen for the knocking of their knees. When the storm winds begin to blow, let them fill you with anticipation.. 

And remember...

You don't get a miracle until you need one!

WIth His Heart,

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