25 December 2015

Stable Beginnings

Merry Christmas 2015, from Myoko Mountain, where the mountain is capped with the white stuff, but the streets below are barren! I can only laugh. Weeks ago people told me the normal snow fall is about 15 meters (45 FEET) for the winter. Ski season officially opened two weeks ago and the snow that has fallen melted away as quickly as it came.

This morning, snow flurries twirled around my windows in a teasing invitation to their dance. Ah, but alas, they danced away too soon and left me here with a hot Chai Latte, waiting in anticipation for another song. 

As I sit here, looking out over this quiet little village, I am reminded of the reason for this season. The King of Glory came as a baby in the lowliest of conditions. He slept among the sights and sounds and smells of a stable. 

I wonder about Mary. A young mother, knowing that this child was conceived of the Spirit of God. Knowing that she was favored among women ~ honored to carry this Holy Child. How that whole night must have been bitter sweet, as she held her firstborn alongside the neighing of the donkey, who bore her as his burden.

What must Joseph have been thinking and feeling ~ to father the Son of God? Did the barn in which he helped bring forth this wonder, leave him feeling less than adequate? 

I look out over a nation void of the love that came on that night, so long ago. It can be bitter sweet. There is a sense of honor and favor that I would be chosen to bring that love, and yet the very realization that it is possible, only with God.

This Christmas, many of you are well aware that what Holy Spirit conceived in you has been brought forth. You may be looking at a tiny infant, wondering how you were chosen for such a great task. Others may be looking at a growing child, learning to read and express herself, and you wonder how she made it so well, with you as her guide. Some are looking in the pimply face attitude of a young adult realizing that this, is only possible with God! 

You, like Mary, have found favor. You, like Joseph, have been entrusted with God's most treasured possession. We dare not take it lightly.

As the host of heaven rejoiced that night, so too, we ought to rejoice. A child is born. A Son is given. The government will be upon His shoulders and His Kingdom will have no end. 

Stable beginnings provide a firm foundation for the suspension of the Cross 
that enables us to carry the kingdom

With His Heart,

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