18 February 2016

And Closed Up the Flesh

It's "that" season. You know, the one where every one is talking about the love of their life. For many of us, Jesus has held that place in our hearts for far more years than others can imagine.

It's funny, that as the days pass after Valentine's, I'm still seeing posts on the topic, and here I am, writing one of my own.

Valentine's Day has not been an issue in my life ~ ever. I've never pined away on a Valentine's Day, wishing for a date to arrive with flowers and candy. Could be because gift giving is not my love language. Or, it could be that the Lord really does meet the need in my life. At any rate, the holiday for lover's is no issue for me. 

So, why am I writing this?

As I said, I keep seeing posts about it. And, not long ago I had a conversation with a friend who shared some revelation he had gotten about  loneliness. So often Valentine's Day seems to highlight a person's sense of loneliness.

We've all heard that "it's better to be single ~ you can give undistracted devotion the Lord". (Which is true, if you aren't distracted with the potential of being distracted) And many of us have comforted ourselves with the knowledge that our Maker is our Husband and Jesus is the Lover of our soul. All of which are true, of course. But still, even when your relationship with the Holy One is fabulous, sometimes, you want to share that with another person.

We've all been taught that loneliness is an emotion, and therefore, must be put in it's proper place ~ acknowledged, but not allowed to rule. What if I told you it is not an emotion, but rather, a spiritual need, first recognized by the Father? (My friend's revelation that continues to minister to me)

A look back at Genesis chapter 2 tells us that Adam had daily, ongoing fellowship with the Godhead. He had undistracted devotion to, and from, the Lord, yet it was God Himself Who said, "It is not good for man to be alone."

But wait, lets step back a bit further. Why did God create man in the first place? God the Father, had the fellowship of Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the angels. But, He wanted something more. He created man for His good pleasure, yes. He created man to rule and reign on the earth, yes. He created man to co-labor with Him, yes. 

Those things all come out of this one thing ~ relationship. God created man, in His image, and to be like Him, because He wanted relationship. 

He didn't just want servants. He didn't just want children. He wanted a friend. 

And He wanted a Bride. 

Now, remember, man was made like God. In that, it is normal to desire a bride (or bridegroom), to desire a friendship that grows deeper and stronger with time. God was, lonely, even in the midst of the hosts of heaven. So, He made man. It was, and is, the company of His man, that fulfills the Spirit, Who is our God.

This is our God Who says, "It is not good for man to be alone."

The Lord God saw into Adams future and met the need that Adam did not even know existed. It was the Lord Who decided to make a suitable helpmeet for Adam. 

After some trial with no hits, the Lord had to knock Adam unconscious. The guy was so busy obeying God that he wasn't looking for a helpmeet. He was focussed on obeying the Lord, and he was doing a fine job. But God knew he needed a woman in his life.

So, the Lord put him to sleep, did a field surgery and "closed up the flesh". (Hold that thought. We'll come back to it.)

During the surgery, God removed a part of Adam that helped to hold him upright. That rib was a source of support. That same rib served as protection for Adam's heart. And that rib was shaped just so that it helped to form the appearance of the man. It was strong, and yet connected in a way that it moved effortlessly in order to facilitate the ever fresh breath of God, in the man.

It was this part of the man, that the Creator removed. It was this part that He used to fashion a suitable helpmeet in order that man would not be alone. 

He who finds a wife, finds a good thing. Because he who finds a wife, finds a part of himself.

When the rib was removed and Eve was fashioned, God "closed up the flesh". The relationship that God instituted was not one of open, wounded flesh. It was of mutual spiritual need. He did not bring Eve to tend to the flesh and heal the wound. He presented Eve to Adam because He loved him and knew that being alone ~ loneliness ~ was not in his best interest.

God breathed the spirit of life into Adam before Eve was fashioned for him. He separated the flesh, making two people, but the spirit of life remained when He formed Eve. He did not have to breathe into her separately. When He presented Eve to Adam, they already shared His Spirit, it was an opportunity for them to become one flesh, again, by choice.

While Valentine's Day is really, "just another day", the loneliness that is exacerbated in this season is, (dare I say?) by God's design. 

If you have been single a long time and you are wondering if God has a mate for you, remember, it was God Who decided it was not good for His creation to be alone, even within His Own presence. If you have spent years so focussed on obeying the Lord that you wonder if you missed your helpmeet, be encouraged.

That pain in your chest just might be the surgery site. Lift up your eyes, maybe your counterpart has been being fashioned while you've been busy about the kingdom. 

With His Heart,

"The Lord God fashioned into a woman, the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man."

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