29 July 2017

A Moment in Mexico

Desire fulfilled is a tree of life

There were moments in this past year that I thought my hope might be forever deferred. At times my heart was sick with the loss of so much time, effort, energy and relationships. 

But God...

Only God could take the seed that had died and been buried under heartache, betrayal and humiliation and bring it to new life. Only God could see the oak tree in the acorn, and only God could cause a new sapling to spring up through the dark ~ reaching for the Son!

I think back over the years and the deep desire of my heart to be a help to leaders ~ how I wanted to see their visions fulfilled. There were accusations and assumptions of jealous people that left me at a loss for words with no way to explain my heart. Little did I know in those early days that the Lord was preparing my heart to facilitate the visions and dreams of the many rather than a few.

He worked through the frustrations and brought me to a place that I could accept His dream as my own. Many times now I have written the vision down, ever trying to make it more clear, so that all who read it can run with it. 

Early this summer I had the privelege of leading a small team of amazing ministers for nine days of ministry in Mexico. They read the vision and ran with it! I was blessed to be in their company.

The beautiful thing about a team is everyone wins together! One can make the long shot while another can make a slam dunk! Some guard, some run, some jump, some even sit on the bench until the coach calls in the special forces. Everyone is necessary and everyone wins, or loses, together.

On May 24th three amazing people joined me on a journey into Mexico blowing fresh oxygen on warm coals waiting to be ignited. A week and a half later we returned to the states with fire blazing our trail! The constant theme in my prayer was simply to preach the gospel ~ not with persuasive words of men, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power. 

God does not disappoint.

From day one the blind received their sight, a woman woke up from a coma while hands were laid on her, cancerous tumors disappeared, a leg that was short since birth grew out, stroke victims regained memory, aphasia was demolished, and weakness gave way to full strength. A rare disease was confirmed anhilated by physicians. Deliverances, salvations and infillings of Holy Spirit were common place as we shared the truth of Jesus and accessed the power of His Spirit.

At the end of our time, we had shared words of knowledge for healing and laid hands on hundreds of people for healing. Of those that could know a change had taken place without a medical test, only 7 did not report complete healing. Since returning we have continued to receive testimonies of healing and deliverance as well as the Lord confirming direction to leaders.

But that wasn't all. 

We had opportunity to minister to pastors and leaders through prophetic words and impartation, and to equip the saints with a new model for praying for the sick, evangelism and prophesy. As we walked side by side, our hearts were knit together and we quickly began to function as one. The pleasure of the Lord was evident as He manifested His presence in ways that were new and unexpected to our new friends.

The dream to lead teams into unreached areas to declare the kingdom has begun to unfold. 

A small town, previously referred to as 'the land of schizophrenia' was called to attention by the King of glory. Every known attempt to evangelize the town had proven fruitless for years. We were told it was like a 'ghost town', the people did not come out of their houses, it was desolate, controlled by witchcraft with only one Christian in the whole place. 

Before leaving for Mexico, I received two prophetic words that the Lord would keep us hidden until it was time. This was significant because I had been told about previous attempts to evangelize the area, and in prayer the Lord had given me a different strategy. The people of the surrounding communities for as far away as 1 1/2 hours by car, have been praying for Santa Rosa for years. Their intercession is consistent and persistent, and had no doubt prepared the ground, but their method for reaching the lost was not accomplishing the goal of salvation, deliverance and discipleship.

We entered the city under the cloak of grace, discovering a few people outside, who did not go into hiding but rather became inquisative, joining us in the 'plaza' ~ the park in the center of town. We soon began to distribute mercy as we raised our voices into the microphone proclaiming healing was available to all calling for the blind, the deaf, and the lame. The children were running throughout the little town bringing the sick. (It didnt hurt that our interpreter was paying them :-)

It was a gorgeous evening to watch desert hearts receive the rain of His love and begin to blossom with His beauty. As the evening turned to night the rush to leave gave way to the Glory. Healings, salvations and deliverances took center stage. More and more people gathered in the shady little park. Lives were being changed. Those who had not called upon the Lord were responding to His love. Peaceful fellowship filled our hearts so that it was nearly midnight before we loaded in the vans~ hearts filled with worship offering prayers of gratitude.

In another area we ministered in a mission church and rehab center. It was wonderful to observe the immediate results of David and Nancy teaching the children how to pray for healing. As the children re-entered the sanctuary, a little girl who had been asked to pretend she had a stomach ache during the teaching time told the interpreter that she really did have a stomach ache and it was gone. A boy behind her reported that he had had a stomach ache as well, but his was gone too ~ no one prayed for him. The children were the ministry team that night. Raphael, an 8 year old boy, saw healing in every person that he prayed for, beginning with his friend who had a toothache.

The following evening we ministered in the streets of a tiny rural town. The weekly feeding program for kids and their families will never be the same. In the midst of the children a young mom came for prayer. She was a new Christian, and that night, all five of her children came to Christ and were baptised in the Holy Spirit along with her. Scores of people, young and old, discovered how to hear God and began to testify of what they heard.

Through 12 services in 9 days each person on our team had opportunity to preach/teach and impart. Susie shared a testimony about the revelation of grace in place of works and ministered powerfully to the people. She also ministered to me personally, interceding often with great grace. David ministered on the prophetic and how to pray for healing while seeing some of the greatest miracles worked through his hands. Nancy taught on hearing the voice of God and demonstrated it well through prophetic words and also saw mighty miracles as she lay hands on people.

For me, the excitement is multifaceted. From the organizing of the team, to watching them move in their giftings, from connecting with leaders to preaching and teaching, from impartation to healing the sick, I love it all! It's difficult to say which is better, seeing Santa Rosa open up when I opened up my mouth in obedience or seeing the smile on the face of the first brain miracle that came when I layed hands on her. The truth is, each one is the best for the one who received.

We all win!

It is true, Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. If you find yourself in a heartsick season of deferred, or lost, hope, remember that a seed must fall to the ground and die before it can bear fruit. Don't quit, just rest. Soon you will find yourself rising from the dust to face the Son. Your desire will be fulfilled and it will become a tree of life to those within your sphere of influence.

As I pondered the glory of the Lord on our time in Mexico, I was awed by the truth that we are all necessary in the kingdom. The Body works best when every part is in it's place, every joint giving it's supply. Very often we are quick to discount our own giftings, the enemy of our souls would like us to think that the rest of the Body could function without us. While it is true, that a Body can function without a hand, the missing part creates a deficit for the whole.

I look at our little team, and those we connected with, and I am utterly amazed with the grace of God. Each person unique in their call, designed for the works that were created beforehand for them to do ~ Before the foundation of the world the Creator knew you. Before He formed you, He prepared works for you to accomplish ~ things only you can do. Then, after He prepared the works, He fashioned you with everything you need to both overcome obstacles to, and to complete the works for which He has prepared for you. 

From the prayer closet to the platform, in word and in deed, the kingdom comes near. 

With His Heart,

"Go, preaching the kingdom is at hand.
Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, cast out demons.
Freely you have received; Freely give."

Matthew 10:7-8

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