Meet Me


Welcome to my little corner of cyber-space. Pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee, sit long & talk much. I'd love to hear all about you, your life, your hopes and dreams and all that God is doing in you, and through you, and for you... 

Oh, you came to hear about me? (That's a bit awkward!) 

I'm kind of like a jig-saw puzzle; the picture on the box is wonderful - it's the process of getting all the pieces in place that will make you wonder who I really am.

A little girl with big dreams, dancing on her Daddy's feet in the ballroom of life. That's the edge pieces that frame my world.

Three grown children and five awesome grandkids splatter color on an otherwise gloomy sort of background of a wife and mother gone single mom many years ago.

The dark areas are only shadows, of abusive and deceptive relationships, that were dispelled when my Prince of Peace took me into His marvelous light. They only serve to contrast the brightness of the light of His love and truth.

Over on the right there is a cluster of beauty. The days of waking up from a slumber to find blue skies, green grass and sunshine amid the sound of birds singing. I remember that first day like it was yesterday. After years of an abusive marriage and a long court battle for the justice due my child, I stepped out on the front porch and my breath was taken away by the beauty of the day. For years I had lived in a world of shades of grey, having forgotten the beauty of life. Now, here before me, the sun was bright and warm on my face and the sky was the bluest it has ever been. The grass, a vibrant green, and the birds! ~ I could hear the birds singing!

And over here, somehow it attaches to that, is the delirious joy of friendships! Only one friend could withstand the trauma that surrounded an ugly divorce. From pudding on the floor (that we squished between our bare toes) to tossing the coffee table on the couch (for a powerful sacrifice of praise) she stood with me, and with my children, taking every blow the enemy brought, and striking back with a love so violent that I am here to write this today.
The other friend you see there is 'Jesus with skin on'. My new pastor, in that time of crisis, thought us crazy women wouldn't last too long. It's been nearly two decades now, and I don't quite know how to describe a friendship like ours. Purity is always the strongest word that comes to mind. Only a love so pure, could so perfectly represent Jesus, the healer. He too has walked the long rocky roads with me. All too often shielding me from the stones of the pharisees and taking hits he didn't deserve. His wife as well, together the two of them preserved my life in the battle.

On the left you'll find a nursing degree and a certificate of completion for two-years of ministry training. Funny how the two are not so very different. Whether it is caring for the weak, broken, wounded and infected, or tending to the sad, the angry and the lonely. Every burden must be removed and every yoke destroyed, so that the only thing bound is the heart, for the purpose of healing. It is not so significant if it is weak faith or weak muscles, infected lungs or infected attitudes, broken bones or broken families, every hurt needs healing. A frozen shoulder or drug addiction, a body cast or bad relationship, every bondage needs to be destroyed; every demon cast out. 

I prayed one day - a long time ago - that I would be a spiritual nurse.

In the middle there, that's my dream scene. Short term and long term missions, from South Africa, to Mozambique, and Japan back to the USA, has blown oxygen on a spark set in my heart when I was a little girl. An unquenchable fire for the nations burns in me now. Each person is a treasure in the heart of God. He created them on purpose, with purpose. They need only to discover their original value. It is my desire to help them make that discovery, through a love experience, direct from the heart of God.

Scattered there around you'll see a daughter of the King. You'll find one who has her Father's eyes, and one who is wholly and dearly loved.  

In the midst of scattered pieces, you will find the thrill of mutual impartation lodged in the heart of lover.

Yes, the pieces are still scattered in their various chunks of the bigger picture. Many pieces yet lay on the outside awaiting their placement in this project of my life. If you don't recognize me in the unfinished work, look at the picture that is my destiny. That's my identity. 

That's ~ who I am.

I'd love it if you would take a moment and share about your pieces. Coffee's on!

With His Heart,


  1. Kim,
    Im so excited for you! This sounds like a great adventure! You are truely a blessing to everyone you have met. I know that you will make a diffence in everyone's life.

  2. God bless you. For this wonderful job you are doing in his kingdom. As in changing heart of people and am asking how do we also join you. Am from Uganda.